Interview: GenZ RaveRunner Hydration Pack Exceeds Kickstarter Goals

After exceeding their Kickstarter goal, GenZ generated over $10,000 in funding for their new hydration pack, dubbed the RaveRunner. The pack’s anti-theft technology, unique color schemes, and ability to customize, make it superior to any other hydration pack on the market. Featuring a 2-liter quick-fill bladder and several secret pockets, this hydration pack is the perfect go-to for unique style and hydration. Definitely, a festival essential.

GenZ Founder and CEO, Ryan Lange, started GenZ just under a year ago with the goal of providing a unique hydration pack that both looked stood out and fixed major problems he saw plaguing the EDM community. One EDM had the pleasure of sitting down with him while he visited Phoenix Lights in Arizona, and we discussed the excitement around the new hydration pack’s release.

Unlike your basic hydration pack which has little storage and minimal functionality, the RaveRunner by GenZ brings performance, capability, accessibility, affordability, comfort, and innovation all in one. Whether you’re hiking, biking, running, shredding, riding, partying, or the like, the RaveRunner was built for you!

Ryan Lange, CEO of GenZ

Specs and Design

Quite unique in design, the RaveRunner hydration pack offers several key features to help keep stuff organized, protected, and easily accessible. The hidden pockets and main compartment are strategically placed to give you ample space to store your keys, wallet, sunglasses, and phone. The 2-liter hydration bladder provides a good amount of water. Meaning fewer trips to the hydration station to fill. The main compartment can fit items like a jacket or change of clothes while still maintaining a beautiful sleek design. The fact it’s not overly bulky and the zippers are hidden well makes it a perfect pack for people who love to be immersed in the crowd or front row on the rails.

Graphics from GenZ
Graphics from GenZ

Anti-Theft Technology

One of the key security features of the RaveRunner is the main compartment. It is located on the back side of the pack, making it virtually impossible to open without taking the pack off first. GenZ also added several smaller compartments and secret pockets to keep certain items away from prying fingers. It’s the perfect pack for walking around a festival or a busy crowded street.

Additionally, the pack features a quick-fill hydration bladder system that is easily accessed by the flap on the front of the bag. The RaveRunner contains a wide-mouthed valve that will make re-filling this pack a breeze by eliminating the need to remove the bladder. Why spend so much time refilling when you could be enjoying your favorite artists? It seems like a no brainer but there aren’t many hydration packs out there with this kind of design.

Graphics from GenZ

Interview with GenZ Founder Ryan Lange

One EDM sat down with Ryan at Phoenix Lights and we got to ask him a few questions about the excitement brewing over the RaveRunner hydration pack.

What motivated GenZ into creating a new line of hydration packs?

I’m a runner. Always loved going to music festivals. Runner packs are very intricate, very different. There are a lot of key features on a running pack that could be used for music festivals. Like the chest pockets.

What about the anti-theft features of the hydration pack, what motivated GenZ to include them?

I noticed there was a big issue with theft at festivals. So much so, there was an aggregate study done which said an average of 1 in 7 people are stolen from while attending a festival. Which is completely insane to think about. When I tell people about my pack, how it has anti-theft capabilities, they always have a story about how they or someone they know has been stolen from.

You founded the company GenZ at just 21 years old. What would you say has been the hardest part about beginning a start-up?

The learning curve. I have learned more in these past 9 months than I did my entire high school career. Between law, between manufacturing, between communicating with people overseas. There is just so much that goes into it, I’ve had to learn a lot. I also learned you can’t do this alone. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do, so I brought on the amazing people over at Amplifli to take the reigns on my digital marketing campaign. Having them take care of my marketing lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I could not be happier with their work.

What customization does the RaverRunner have to offer to help people create their own unique design?

Well for one, people like to stand out. Girls love the holographic look. They want to look sexy. But people are not going to spend a couple hundred on a hydration pack. In a community where everyone wants to stand out, I had to find a way to accomplish that while still offering an affordable pack. That is why I made the front flap fully customizable with your own picture. I added detachable El Wire and the Underglow features to the Rave Runner so that you customize how you stand out in a crowd of thousands.

Graphics from GenZ

Can you tell us about the different hydration packs that will be offered for online purchase on April 22nd?

Of course! We will begin offering the hydration packs in black or holographic silver. The base model will include the backpack and a hydration bladder. The fully loaded model will include the backpack, a hydration bladder, the Underglow, and El Wire Package. The front flap will be fully customizable on all models. Just send us a picture of your choice and we will print it!

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