One EDM Exclusive Interview with Detroit-based Rising Star LX

Detroit-based Artist LX Talks About Cars and Music

Detroit-based singer LX initially made an impact on the music world with features on songs released by Spinnin’ Records from artists like Candyland and Diamond Pistols. Since then, LX has gained many fans who’d love listening to the rising star’s enchanting tracks, one of them being a jointly-produced track with indie-pop band Smallpools titled, “Beggar”. LX’s joint track with Smallpools is also a notable hit on the latter’s 2018 EP, So Social. For her debut EP that’s currently in the works, LX recently released her first solo single, “Automatic”, a song inspired by cars that has influences of future bass and trap that is powerful and euphoric at the same time. Here is ONE EDM’s exclusive interview with LX:

How do you feel about being a rising prospect in the music industry right now?

It’s incredible to be doing what I love and have people connect with it. Music is my therapy, and for people to be able to feel any sort of way after listening is my ultimate goal. I don’t really look at the landscape I am navigating as competitive but more so inspirational – every day is a new opportunity to speak on a new topic or create a different genre-bending sound. Break the rules, do what makes you happy, and don’t worry about anything else. Positive things will follow if you speak on things that are real to you.

Is it very complex blending electronic musical styles such as future bass and trap with your vocals?

Honestly, I feel like it’s hard to not blend multiple sounds into one when I create music. I have more than a few different sounds and personalities I bounce between when I’m singing and writing. Gotta keep it interesting ya know!

How was it like working alongside Smallpools when you and the band co-wrote “Beggar”?

My incredibly talented friend and writing partner Zach Sorgen invited me to his session. I had no idea we were writing for Smallpools upon arrival. Zach, Sean Scanlon (lead singer of Smallpools) and I talked and jammed for a couple of hours and “Beggar” was born. It was a super organic session. I feel like that’s how some of the best music is made.

Also, how does it feel to know that you have been featured on Spinnin’ Records alongside artists such as Diamond Pistols and Candyland?

I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunities to collab with such talented, accomplished artists and labels. Both records I did with Spinnin’ really helped jumpstart my musical career and I can’t wait to create more.

Regarding your latest song “Automatic,” you mentioned that the song was inspired by cars since you grew up attending a lot of car shows and races alongside your father. What was your most memorable experience from the car shows and races you attended?

My dad is my heart and soul so his love for cars was basically transferred to me through genetics. My most memorable car show experience with him was going to the Pebble Beach Concours show and getting to see the unreleased El Mirage Cadillac. That car is literally out of this world.

Which cars were your favorites or stood out the most for you?

I love American Muscle. My first car was a Dodge Challenger. I was instantly drawn to it. I just got my second in F8 Green. Others include the Cadillac XLR-V, along with the C8 Corvette which is automatic only. I have already had one in my driveway. It is outrageously cool and a complete game-changer car which is why I have it in the album art for my new single “Automatic.”

Have you ever thought about becoming a racer?

I got my first taste of racing cars was when I was driving up Interstate 5 from LA to the Bay. I hit 130 mph in my Challenger racing a Corvette and Nissan GTR. We all got pulled over and I received a pretty unforgettable ticket. As hefty as that ticket was, I still like to go fast!

Getting back to music, which nightclubs or music venues should people attend if they visit Detroit one day?

Saint Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit where I actually bartend. There’s an epic amount of history that’s attached to Saint Andrews Hall so it’s a constant source of inspiration for my music. Watch 8 Mile before you come out and you can get a little background on The Shelter.

Do you have any recommendations of Detroit-based artists, DJs, and/or bands that people should check out?

I’ve actually been working on an EP with a local artist named Swam Lewis. Keep an eye out for our upcoming single release “You & I.” Detroit has an insane amount of soul and the number of incredible artists out there that are undiscovered is endless. One of my favorite local artists is of course GRiZ. His sound design continuously blows my mind.

If you were to go on tour one day, which cities do you want to perform at the most?

Detroit of course. Then cities like Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago. I lived in Hollywood for five years so I would like to play there! It’s all about the people though. If you like my music and want to party with me, I’d put on a show just about anywhere!

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