Interview: Megan Kashat Discusses Her Latest Release ‘Love You’

Known for her superb song writing and vocal talents, Megan Kashat has been working harder than ever in releasing consistently stunning songs, pairing up with some of the most talented producers the electronic scene has to offer. Joining forces with Yunus Durali and Drop G ‘Love You’ is a chill-out Deep House infused track that features a classic slow jam groove and a solid driving bass-line. We caught up with Megan to discuss ghostwriting, goals and future projects.

Sum up ‘Love You’ in 3 words?

Spiritual.  Sexy.  Euphoric.

How does this differ to some others of your releases?

It’s way better than my previous releases.  My latest release ‘Break My Heart’ is really strong also, but ‘Love You’ has a special place in my heart. It doesn’t have anything to do with the producers, I find all of the producers I work with extremely talented. I just think I wrote this one better for whatever reason.  Melodically it’s better, the structure of the song was strong and the story line was on a topic that I’ve never done before.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics?

The song is about someone I believe to have been with in every lifetime.  Life is a cycle, you always come back to what you love, or it finds you again in some way.  So it’s literally about loving someone to the extent of eternity, hence the line, “What a fateful manifestation, to find you here again in this lifetime…  I’ll love you forever.”  It’s also about being so spiritually connected that there’s a sense of knowing everything about them, even when they’re thinking about you or imagining you from across the world.

What are your feelings towards ghost writing?

I would love to ghost write.  I write up to 3 songs a day, and if I were a ghost-writer, I’d be less pressed to release so much music.  It would make my life a lot less stressful haha! I’d really love to write someone else’s story for them, and help out the artists who could use it.

How long did it take you to write ‘Love You’?

15 minutes.

Did you encounter any difficulties with this release?

Yes.  I release a TON of music, and I can never catch up.  Most people tell me I release too much, and I need to let the release grow, but a lot of my work is collaborations, and producers don’t really care what you just released most of them have their own agenda which I understand, and highly respect.  It does get overwhelming though, and then waiting to get label placements is another struggle because if they don’t respond you’re not sure if they will or if you should wait.  It’s really tough, and takes a lot of prediction and self-determination to make the right moves.  Sometimes you nail it, sometimes you don’t.

Can we expect more collaboration with you and Yunus Durali in the future?

I will be collaborating with Yunus for the rest of my career.  He is a genius, and he’s become a great friend.  He has the exact sound I was searching for for so many years.  We’re working on a new track as we speak.

What is the one goal you have set for yourself this year?

To take a break from recording this summer and play a ton of shows!  I seriously miss the stage, that’s the only reason I ever got into this, but then I found myself in love with writing and vocal production.  It’ll be nice to have that balance!

Do you have a dream label that you would love to release on?

I don’t know honestly.  I used to lush over labels, but now I don’t care so much about the name or popularity associated with any label.  My dream is to work with a label that really believes in my music and has the weight behind them to really get it out there. 

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I have a collaboration coming out with DJ Tarkan, it’s a beautiful track and super excited to work with him.  Another one with my friend Zeni N, he’s also a really talented guy and has a unique deep house sound.  Another one with Mattsu, but that won’t be out until later this year.  I also recently connected with my friend Tennebreck from Romania, and we’re finishing up a track also which I just love, it reminds me a lot of Avicii’s work.  Just finished up another one with Kougan Ray who I met while I was in London, and awaiting another release with Burak Cilt which I’m stoked about…  It’s a really beautiful record!  I have another track with DJ Rudii and it’s sickkk!!!  Can’t wait for that one…  Then there’s two releases coming out soon with my friend Mar G.  Also finishing up a new one with Yunus…  There’s a few others that are extremely new, so no need to mention those.  And 2 other collaborations that I can’t talk about at the moment, but you’ll hear it all when it’s out.  Then there’s always my solo project, which took a back seat over the last few months.  I’m excited to get back to that!

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