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The NERVO twins need no introduction. The accomplished producers, songwriters, and performing artists now add to their achievements as label owners. Having set up their own imprint “Got Me Baby! Records” under the guidance of Armada Music earlier this year. The leading ladies of dance released their record label debut-track, Like Air, a collaboration with Belgian-duo Wolfpack.

NERVO – Olivia Nervo (Right) and Miriam Nervo (Left)

Debut Track “Like Air”

Like Air opens with a soft, delicate melody and lyrics from Liv and Mim which are maintained through the verses.  A soft bass introduces an impeccable rhythm in the buildup. The chorus brings a fast-paced melody that gives the track texture. It is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser at their live performances. This collaboration provides a glorious melody and is a fitting debut release on NERVO’s new imprint record label.

The duo is excited about their new single:

We have been good buddies with the WOlfpack boys and have been touring together for many years, so when they asked us to collaborate, it was a no-brainer. We are super chuffed to be releasing this under Got Me Baby! Records, our new imprint under the legendary Armada Music. We cut the vocals ourselves and did most of them in London, but kept tweaking for months and months. We are happy with this final mix and hope everyone loves it as much as we do!

NERVO Inside Look

OneEDM recently caught up with the Australian sisters to chat about their careers as DJs and the duo’s new record label “Got Me Baby! Records”.

You have already achieved so much as performing artists. What are your ongoing career goals?

The best thing about music is that you keep creating. You are never “done” with records or with the creative process. You just want to do better records all the time and that is the aim. Another really important thing is that we stay happy.

You released the album Collateral in 2015. Do you see yourselves making another?

We could, but it was quite a stressful process for us. I do not know if it spoke to the fans in the way we hoped. There could have been many reasons for that but we are making loads of records so there is material there for an album and if we could get everything right with legal and labels then maybe we would package it as an album.

We really enjoyed releasing slightly different records that were less EDM, but the fans really wanted more of the 128 BPM style tracks. We might pitch those different records to other artists so they can have a life, but not necessarily under NERVO.

How do you stay grounded through the fast-paced, hectic DJ life?

Who knows if they are grounded? Some people who probably think they are grounded maybe are not. We are not successful compared to many of our DJ friends who have more numbers online, more money in the bank. We have still got a long way to go so that keeps us humble.

If you reflect on your career to date, what do you consider a highlight?

I think touring the world, seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and eating different foods is such a thrill for us. Also, being invited to have residences at such big venues around the world like Ushuaia in Ibiza and Omnia in Vegas is amazing.  Our NervoNation parties are really special to us too.

Do you ever think you will take those NervoNation parties bigger?

They are growing themselves without us even trying. They started six years ago in Miami for Music Week and have just grown from there. Now we do NervoNation parties in so many countries. They are a high workload for us because we are involved in every aspect of the show. We have a whole team in place just for NervoNation.

It is very rewarding though and a lot of fun because we get to play with our friends. It has evolved over the years too. We used to have really big artists like Steve Aoki and Hardwell headline and we might go back to that in the future. We are not fussy about being the headliners but we will always play those shows in some form.

You recently launched a record label “Got Me Baby! Records”. Tell us about your motivations for doing that.

It was an opportunity that came our way. The guys at Armada have been really good friends of ours and we have been working with them for maybe ten years even before NERVO existed. They have been asking us to do it for maybe four or five years so we said we would do it.

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll has received much criticism within the industry, but you actively encourage fans to vote for you on your social sites. Does this annual ranking affect you?

We do not take it too seriously. Our campaign for 2017 is really just a bit of fun. Polls like this should not matter but annoyingly they do. We do not pay for votes on principle, we want our votes to be organic and not forced and paid for like some other DJ’s do. It creates bad energy and it is getting a bit out of hand.

You have been performing globally at some many different events. Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

We always discuss the beginning and the end of the set but right now we are so prepared because we are playing so many shows nearly every day.

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