Exclusive Interview with Nitti Gritti at EDC Orlando

Exclusive Interview with Nitti Gritti at EDC Orlando

Making appearances at both EDC Las Vegas and now EDC Orlando, Ricky A.K.A Nitti Gritti, says “I was very humbled and was tearing up seeing how many people were there at the end of the set.” It was Nitti Gritti’s first time playing at the BoomBox in the center of the Electric Daisy Carnival Festival, hosted by Insomniac in Orlando, FL.

Nitti Gritti
Nitti Gritti

Nitty started playing drums and playing in rock bands as a kid. It transitioned into electronic after hearing a few Skrillex songs and LMFAO tracks. Nitty says, “I was like oh, what is that it is so weird, so I attempted to download a program that was just bad but then it started moving forward.”

Nitty was very enthusiastic to answer a question that many hesitated too, and it is, what do you believe sets you apart from the other DJ’s and producers? “I am currently working on a lot of edits with tracks I thought would never go together, and am also able to sing/ rap on a lot of these tracks.” Nitty believes that being able to sing and rap with the crowd brings that live aspect to the show, which can draw out the energy of the crowd.

He says “I have tunnel vision when I get out on the stage, and like if it is possible for me too then I will just go out there and headbang with everyone for a song or two. I am playing my music, and everyone else’s and I should be enjoying it and be a fan of it too. If you don’t like your own music or other peoples music, then it is just not fun.”

The Future of Nitti Gritti

Nitty tells us that his ultimate dreams and aspirations for his music and productions would to be able to sell out stadiums completely, and win a Grammy for Producer of the Year. He also has high hopes that one day he will be able to collaborate with Chris Martin from Coldplay.  “From a songwriting standpoint, he would have to be my first choice to collaborate with. It could be electronic or a different genre, but not quite sure yet as we would have to work out those kinks”.

While getting into a mindset to write and create his productions for shows. He tells us that he listened to a lot of music thinking of new edit ideas or drops and unique sounds. “My friends send me a bunch of cool things. So I sit there for like five days just creating a bunch of new stuff. So when I get into the zone I can just go with it. I really study and prepare a lot of my sets for what I should go into as I am DJ-ing.” 

We do have a few things to look out for as we climb into the next few months with this up and coming artist. Nitty tells OneEdm, “I just locked in with Confession a three-song, two of them house, and own personal self-release EP, me singing and rapping on all three songs and a bunch of remixes one for Snake and Diplo and a few others.” These are going to be some exciting few months as we get into the New Year.

Nitti Gritti 2017 Tour
Nitti Gritti 2017 Tour

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Photo Credit: Artist Agent Jacob Mandell

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