Exclusive Interview with Russian Bass & Tech House Producer Proxy

Proxy Discusses Career, Latest EP, and Favorite Places To Perform

Moscow-based Evgeny Pozharnov, better known as Proxy, has been dropping awesome beats for the past 20 years. Throughout his amazing career, Proxy has worked with some of the music industry’s top artists such as The Prodigy, Boys Noize, and Marilyn Manson. Proxy’s fanbase grows each year through the nightclubs and festivals he has performed around the world, particularly at Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, Creamfields, and Electric Zoo. Proxy recently released his latest 4-track EP titled Collusion on AC Slater’s Night Bass Records on December 6th, 2019. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Proxy:

Kenny Ngo: When and how did you start your music career?

It was back in 2000 when I used to live and break dance in a little town near Vladivostok. After I moved to Moscow, I couldn’t find anyone who I can dance with so I started to work in a local club as a resident DJ. After two years in the small record studio which we built with two of my friends I was making beats for local rap artists and also working as a promoter in a few clubs playing there my own sets as well. In 2005, I started to produce my own music so I can play it in my sets, it wasn’t original music actually, just some mashups, but I liked the idea of creating something myself and did a couple of original songs which subsequently got signed to Tiga’s Turbo Recordings via MySpace and that was my beginning.

Which differences do you notice between the bass scene and the modern EDM scene?

For my own eyes, EDM is one word for all electronic genres like Rock with its sub-genres, but at some point I kinda felt EDM as a Big Room genre. Anyway, Bass House to me is a new modern UK Garage which I played alongside with Pumping House way back in the day. It’s simple, perfect for dance in the club and it’s positive you know. I mean I don’t see much difference between the words EDM and Bass because this is the same thing to me at some point. In my opinion at the end, people will listen to the music without focusing their attention on the genres.

One project that you did in the past was with Marilyn Manson, how was it like working with him?

It was very exciting! As I remember, I had to make something interesting for him because he is Marilyn Manson, the king, you know. Before that, I did a remix for Depeche Mode but the band didn’t approve it as it wasn’t crazy enough for them. So with that experience, I tried to make the craziest thing for Marilyn and I really enjoyed working with such a massive music idol.

How was it like working on your latest EP, Collusion?

I’m very proud of this EP because working with friends is always a cool experience and I really love the whole idea of this EP with 4 absolutely different tracks for any taste in music. I personally love when the music is all different so I can pick something new to me and possibly expand my own collection of favorites.

The first track of Collusion is “Have Some Fun” with AC Slater. How was it like working with him?

We know each other for a very long time and this is our 2nd collaboration and for the 2nd time, I wanted to make something different with him. Like, not so much him and not so much me. Also, Aaron always feels the right vibe with every idea I sent him and as a result, this track became very positive, light and good vibes which I really love.

What are the significant differences between Collusion and your past EPs such as Language Barrier and Stupid Serious?

Of course the whole idea of Collusion is different to previous ones and it is a totally collaborative EP where I had to share ideas on every track. But musically, it is similar to previous ones as I love to experiment with sounds and melodies and you can hear that in most tracks on Collusion

One of your other tracks on Collusion is “Poltora” with Russian producer DZA. Will you produce more tech house tracks like “Poltora” in the near future?

Of course I will but maybe in a bit more experimental way. Like the voice you hear in the track – I think that was Portuguese, saying something like Pottora? But me and DZA heard POLTORA which means “1.5” in Russian in one word.

Which are your favorite festivals that you performed in the past?

Coachella, I think, is still my number one festival which I’ve played in 2010 and at that time I didn’t know much about it. After several years, I became a huge fan just because Coachella shows so many new talents every year and it doesn’t stick to a single genre.

Which are your favorite clubs you performed in as well?

Sound and Avalon in LA, Webster Hall in NY, Womb in Tokyo, Fake Club in Sydney (doesn’t run anymore), Bootshaus in Cologne and many more actually, can’t remember their names but they’re all in my memory.

Which nightclubs in Moscow do you recommend international fans to attend if they visit the city in the future?

I would recommend Mutabor. It’s big, dark, has top sound systems and it has the most important thing – the right music!

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