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Teffler is a new DJ in the future-house scene and one that will become a household name. The producer is known for “Never Let Me Go” and his recent single “The Spectre”.

He is an honest artist that has shown persistence and determination since the beginning of his career. As a producer, songwriter, and musician, Teffler continues to build upon his musical freedom skills. The DJ’s infectious energy is felt through his music with injections of motivation from the man himself.



OneEDM was allowed exclusive access to talk with the Teffler, who touches upon his musical influences, behind-the-scenes of shows, as well as fun facts about himself.

What is your musical background and where did you start?

Teffler: I started DJing local college parties and nightclubs in Baltimore, Maryland. I moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015 to further my craft. My first original track “Good Love” came out last year.

Why future-house?

I first heard Tchami’s remix of “Go deep” by Janet Jackson and instantly fell in love with the sounds.

Who is your favorite Shuffler?

That is hard to choose; I love so many shufflers! But I will name a few. Abby La Flakka, Dottz Brown, Marcos Sillay, R.Vibe, Regina Nohelani, and to name a few. Every shuffler I have seen has their own unique vibe that makes them special.

What about the name ‘Spectre’ inspired you from your Teffler fan suggestions?

The name had a very mysterious futuristic vibe. It was what I was trying to achieve with the record, just like the James Bond movie.

Any tour dates for 2018?

I will be playing some local shows and festivals this Autumn. We are also finalizing dates in Europe for the Summer.

What do you eat on the road?

Honey Graham Crackers.

What have you learned so far about the music industry that’s different from your initial expectations?

The sound changes very often. You have to redefine your sound to keep it fresh constantly.

Do you have any other hobby’s or sports you enjoy?

I love playing soccer and paintballing. I live in LA, so I love going to the beach. When I get a chance to not work on music, I like to binge-watch shows on Netflix.

What artists inspire you?

Calvin Harris, Diplo, DJ Snake, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, and DJ Khaled.

What should we expect from you in 2018?

Lots of bass and dance-pop tunes with catchy “ear-wormy” hooks.

Finally, where does the name Teffler come from?

Teffler came from the Tupac and Biggie song “Runnin”. There was a line in there containing “Teffler”.
OneEDM would like to thank Teffler for offering an inside look at his life as a future-house DJ on the rise. Keep a lookout for more bass and dance-pop tunes from the artist in 2018.

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