Interview: Top 10 tracks of 2018 with Znas

Znas is a musician who constantly evolves his artistry with his conceptual releases and innovative takes on a multitude of genres such as Progressive House, Deep House, Electronica and Trance. He is the true epitome of an independent artist as all of his releases are put out in his own label and so far has released 13 EP’s and 6 singles including some of his biggest hits ‘F!RE’ and ‘Just A Fool’. Below, Znas has put together his top 10 tracks of 2018.

 10. Deeparture – Hurricane

I love the sweeping bass lines and the slightly ‘off key’ Lead synth through it. Technically is brilliant when combined.

9. Sound Quelle & Brandon Mignacca – Ethereal (Intro Mix)

It seems to me a beautiful song, with a very original introduction, without rhythm, with delicate voices that surround you. It has a fantasy melody with an infectious groove that catches you, and Brandon’s voice honeyed and ripped at moments dazzles you and takes you to heaven, to the top.

  8. Solanca – Belladonna

This track is magic, the combination of  the melodic lines of synthesizer in a masterful way, he includes very captivating and enchanting melodies, a deep and musical bass line that accompanies without excelling, and a massive percussion groove.

  7. George Fitzgerald – Burns (Lane 8 Morning Mix)

Lane 8’s ‘Morning Mix’ is an ode to the lush atmosphere of the original version mesmerising vocal chops, in which blends tranquil piano arpeggios and stuttering synth stabs to create a pensive soundscape imbued with melancholy.

  6. Rüfüs du Sol – New Sky

In my opinion, this track is the best of his last album, mixing melodic lines of arpeggios of Chill Out and Trance style in a precise way, all accompanied by the voice of the singer who is changing his tone with virtuosity throughout the song. A deep bass line appears at the highest point, along with a vocal chops and an elegant and tribal percussion groove.

  5. Jan Blomqvist – The Space in Between (Ben Böhmer Remix)

Ben Bömher being faithful to the original track, which is a masterpiece by Jan Blomqvist, goes beyond the reasonable and turns it into a timeless work of art, his contribution with new synth melodies, powerful bass line and hypnotic groove raise it to a new level of absolute perfection.

  4. Cristoph – Tremble

It is a track that hypnotizes and hooks with its different voices mixing, its deep bass line, its repetitive and constant arpeggios, and its percussion of progressive style. It packs a lot of punch.

  3. Lane 8 – Clarify (feat. Fractures) [Tinlicker Remix]

It is an impressive Remix, its powerful and vibrant bass line, combined with the trance melody of the arpeggio and a strong but crushing bass drum give the original a sweeping character.

  2. Ben Böhmer – Ground Control

A master of melodic tension and release, Böhmer’s latest sees crisp percussion ricochet off a luscious chord progression and a throbbing deep bassline.

  1. Avoure – Aura

This track is an unbeatable beauty! It fuses the styles Deep House and Trance, with a dreamy voice, a thin and almost noisy drum, a fat bassline, some malicious arpeggios with a lot of delay, and some extremely percussive sequences complex and subtle that make me just fall in love with this track over and over.

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