Exclusive Interview with VOLAC at Temple SF

VOLAC's Interview at Temple SF on October 18th

VOLAC is one of Russia‘s most popular electronic music duos. The duo presents their unique musical style through cartoon comics, which they display on each edition of their podcast called VOLACAST. Each VOLACAST contains a guest mix from their friends, especially when combining the sounds of bass house, deep house, and g-house.

VOLAC’s 2015 collaboration with Sharam Jey on the track “Get Tipsy” became successful when the track reached Beatport‘s TOP 10. VOLAC is currently on tour with their friend and fellow Russian DJ, Phlegmatic Dogs, and one of their recent stops was the Temple nightclub in San Francisco on October 18th. OneEDM interviewed VOLAC shortly before they performed their set at Temple:

Kenny Ngo: What do you think of the atmosphere inside Temple so far?

VOLAC: It’s almost the same as the Temple nightclub in Denver. Same nightclub, same Temple, same atmosphere. Just only a different city.

What do you like about San Francisco?

Too expensive! Haha, I’m joking! Only Steve Jobs, haha! I know that my friends are living here in San Francisco and that’s about it.

When did VOLAC started making music and how?

We’ve been making music since 2001-2002 and we’ve been friends since childhood. One day, we took the music, we took the electronic software to the house and we created our first track. It is what it is, you know.

Recently, your fame increased with the collaboration with DESTRUCTO in producing the track, “What I Got”, which later gained 1 million views on Soundcloud. How was it like working with Destructo on the track?

The collaborative track with DESTRUCTO was created maybe like three years ago. We just sent him our idea and he loved it and then he changed some parts of the track, sent it back, and we finished. The first idea started about three years ago and he sent it back, loved it, and said, “Hey guys, I love the idea, let’s make a collab!” and yeah, that’s it.

On VOLAC’s website, it has a page called “Memoriez” and it showed your Brazil tour and the experiences you had while you were there. What did you like the most about your tour when you performed in Brazil?

About Brazil…it’s only drugs like cocaine, you know? Weed is very nice, nah, I’m kidding haha! But really, Brazil is like a huge party, 10,000 people can party and average people partying at a show may be around 5,000 people. It’s okay for Brazil because the whole nation loves to party. You know, like, party from Tuesday to Monday.

Speaking of travels, recently you performed at EDC this year. How was it like performing there?

It was really good! It was insane, enjoyable, and the music was fantastic. We played at EDC for the second time there and the atmosphere was sick, you know? We played our best set ever.

You have a podcast called “VOLACAST” in which you invite your friends to perform a guest mix on each edition. What was your most memorable experience on VOLACAST?

It’s when we came up with the idea to create these cartoon movies around VOLACAST. The style is unique since no one has ever done this before.

You guys show your unique style on each edition of VOLACAST in cartoon comics. What were your favorite comics?

The favorite one was with Wax Motif, the DJ from Los Angeles. I think this one was the best one. Also, we made it with AC Slater on New Year’s, it was a really special podcast. He mixed his favorite tracks and we did the same. It was the best one out of the mixtapes.

Aside from electronic music, what are your favorite genres and which artists do you like listening to from those genres?

I love drum-and-bass right now, just for my headphones. Also house music, particularly tech house, bass house, and we love to listen to all kinds of music like hip hop, house music as I said before, drum-and-bass, and so on.

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