Interview with Cheat Codes After Release of ‘On My Life’

LA-based trio Cheat Codes talks about new music, shows and festivals performed, and plans after quarantine

Los Angeles-based EDM trio Cheat Codes have been rocking nightclubs and festivals since 2014. The Cheat Codes trio composed of KEVI (Kevin Ford), Trevor Dahl, and Matthew Russell and they have produced memorable tracks such as ‘Sex’, ‘Only You’, and ‘Who’s Got Your Love’. Cheat Codes also released another banger that became a smash hit in 2017 called ‘No Promises’, which featured Demi Lovato. This year, Cheat Codes have released two new singles, “No Service in the Hills” and “On My Life”.

Cheat Codes released the smooth-sounding ‘No Service in the Hills’ on January 31, 2020 and it featured Trippie Redd, blackbear and PRINCE$$ ROSIE. The track also got remixed by trap and dubstep producer NGHTMRE, who enhanced it with pulse-pumping bass drops and electrifying synths. On April 24, Cheat Codes released their second single of 2020 titled, ‘On My Life’. People can play this track to energize themselves and think of positive thoughts while getting through another day in quarantine. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with the Cheat Codes trio as they discussed new music, shows and festivals they performed in before the quarantine, and their plans after it.

Before we talk about the music, how have you guys been doing since the quarantine?

We have been doing good! We are blessed that we are healthy and that our families are healthy. That is all we can really ask for.

Before the quarantine was implemented, you guys performed at Temple Nightclub in San Francisco on March 7th. How was it like?

Yes that was our second time at Temple SF and it is always fun playing in San Francisco. We actually performed our first ever show in the city five years ago. Always a vibe.

NGHTMRE just produced the remix for ‘No Service In The Hills’. What are your thoughts about it?

NGHTMRE is someone we’ve been wanting to work with for a while, we’ve been spinning his records for years, so now we can finally play one of his records thats also ours. We knew ahead of time that “No Service” could be great with a heavier remix and he crushed it.

The music video for the remix is directed by Bella Thorne. How was it like collaborating with her?

She was inspired by the movie “Strangers” immediately when she heard the song. We were down for her vision right off the bat because thats one of our favorite horror films from back in the day. If anyone could pull something like that off for us, she could. It came together because she posted on Instagram that she wanted to direct a music video and so we sent her the song! Two days later, she had the idea and we thought it was great.

Are you guys producing any new tracks, EPs, albums, etc. right now?

Yeah, so this is the first time in five years we’ve had this much time off. We are sure a lot of artists and DJs are experiencing that too. So on one hand it sucks having to cancel shows. On the other hand, it is nice to have extra time to explore new sounds, and be a little more experimental. We have been working on an album and an EP simultaneously which is fun. We like to bounce around at different styles, we are kind of ADD like that.

What was the last music festival you guys performed at before the quarantine?

We could be remembering wrong, but we played Red Fest in Dubai. The production was crazy and we made sure to spend a couple days exploring.

Were there any festivals that you guys were scheduled to perform at that are now postponed or cancelled?

A few in Asia and in the U.S. but we are just rolling with the punches right now. Everything will fall into place.

Are there any festivals that you guys are also scheduled for but haven’t got cancelled or postponed?

Everything is pretty up in the air right now. So to answer your question…no. However, things could change really fast so who knows.

What is the one thing that you guys want to do the most once the quarantine is lifted?

Play a show haha. We are sure whoever is at that first weekend of events once lockdown is officially over are gonna go extra hard. We want to experience that. 

Photo Credit: Grace Rivera

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