Interview with English Electronic Singer Daisy Guttridge

Birmingham-born Daisy Guttridge discussed music career during youth, touring with Hippie Sabotage, and new music content

Daisy Guttridge, currently based in Los Angeles, is an English electronic singer who has been singing since childhood. Growing up in Birmingham, England, Guttridge later taught herself how to play the guitar and piano, recording covers on YouTube, writing her own songs and performing at a local bar during her teenage years. At 16-years-old, she signed a songwriting deal with MPA and afterwards, she continues to enhance her talent in the music industry. Daisy Guttridge saw her fame increased after she provided vocals for Vicetone’s single, “Waiting“, which gained over 18 million streams. Since then, she has worked with notable EDM acts such as Tommy Trash, Big Gigantic, and Hippie Sabotage.

Speaking of Hippie Sabotage, Guttridge has toured with the duo in over 300 sold-out shows. She recently performed with Hippie Sabotage on their “Direction of Dreams” tour and will be performing with them again once the tour restarts. Daisy Guttridge just recently finalized her own EP, which is set for release in Fall 2020. One of the singles on that EP is titled “SKIN”, which is produced by TK Kayembe (Khelani, Masego and Elijah Blake). Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with the Birmingham-born electronic artist who may become a household name in the near future.

Kenny Ngo: Did you do or watch anything interesting since the quarantine began?

Daisy Guttridge: I’ve been investing a lot of my energy into working out because that helps inspire me creatively. Which is very important in a time when we have to be so disconnected from one another!

How was growing up in Birmingham like?

It was really fun. Birmingham is a city with a rich and diverse music culture and there was something happening whenever and wherever you looked. Birmingham taught me to expect the unexpected.

How did you start your music career?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment. Being 7 years old with my mom driving me to school while singing along to The Carpenters, teaching myself guitar at 13, and playing my first show at 16. Moving to L.A. at 20, releasing solo music, and performing on tours around the U.S. All of these moments were instrumental like small fires leading to something bigger/ I am excited for the future!

According to your bio on Fakework Management, you secured a songwriting deal with MPA and moved to the U.S. to record and write for A-list acts after visiting Los Angeles at 16-years-old. What were your feelings like after signing that deal?

It was a 100% “Pinch me, I’m dreaming” moment. I became obsessed with Los Angeles during trips with my family, I loved being surrounded by the mass entertainment culture. It was always so bittersweet when these trips came to end because I always felt like I belonged here, signing that deal changed my dream into a reality. I will never forget that feeling.

Your name became more well-known after the release of Vicetone’s “Waiting”, which you provided vocals for. How was it like working with Vicetone on “Waiting”?

Vicetone were a dream to work with! When the opportunity to collaborate came up, I was on tour in 2019 with Hippie Sabotage! Vicetone were based in Nashville, which coincidently was a couple stops away from us on our tour so the timing was perfect. The creativity in the session didn’t stop flowing and before we knew it, “Waiting” was the end result.

You were recently touring with Hippie Sabotage on their “Direction of Dreams” tour. How was it like touring with Hippie Sabotage?

Kevin and Jeff are like my brothers. I love touring with them and the whole crew feels like one big family. We have so much fun on the tour bus and getting the opportunity to perform in some of the incredible venues I have with them has taught me so much about what it means to be an artist.

What was your favorite city to perform in during the tour?

I love performing in New Orleans because the party truly doesn’t stop. You take the rich art and music culture and combine that with the amazing energy of the people, you are in for a treat of a show!

Before the “Direction of Dreams” tour, what was your most memorable show that you performed at?

I would have to say playing with Hippie Sabotage at “The Buku Project”. It was my first time performing at a festival and in front of many people. I’ll never forget the emotions being side of stage and feeling the energy of 50,000 people just hit you, if I could feel that forever it wouldn’t be long enough.

Are you creating any new music right now?

Yes, I am! I have a single titled “Skin” coming out very soon with producer TK Kayembe (Khelani, Masego and Elijah Blake). We will be following the single up with an EP in the fall! I am also working on releases with Tommy Trash and Big Gigantic for 2020/2021.

What is the one thing that you would like to do once this quarantine is lifted?

I want to fly back to the U.K. for a week and give my Grandma Doreen a big hug!

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