Interview with Graves Regarding “Arcus”

The beloved artist, professionally known as Graves, recently teamed-up with RL Grime to create an incredible single titled “Arcus”. The song is a beautiful and balanced combination of both artists’ unique sounds. In this interview, Graves provides further insight into the creation of the song, what inspires him, and his future career plans.

“Arcus” Official Audio

What was the main inspiration behind the sound of “Arcus”?

RL and I both tend to write a lot of really big sweeping, cinematic chord progressions. We really wanted to lean into that for Arcus. It’s a tune that feels uplifting and expansive, but still dark and brooding. 

What was the experience of working with RL Grime like?

Henry and I have been writing records together for a while now. We’ve got a great chemistry I think. We’re inspired by a lot of the same artists, bands, genre’s etc. so it’s a really natural fit when we are creating music together. He’s the GOAT honestly. It’s so insane ill send him something im working on and he’ll touch parts of it and send it back, and im like…..fuck….he just made this 10 billion times better!

I attended your set at Countdown NYE, and it was incredible. Where do you gather inspiration for the vibe and visuals of your performances?

My production team is fucking amazing. I think there are a few things about the graves project that are pillars so to speak of the aesthetic. We usually just try to give our guys the creative freedom to create whatever they want so long as it can still stand on those pillars. Find great people, and let them be great. It’s always a work in progress though. The show now is just the start of what we are building for the future.

What has been your favorite location you have traveled to for a set?

Asia was super fun. I did a small tour there last year where we hit a couple cities in China, Japan, and South Korea. It’s such an inspiring place to go play shows. All the kids are so stoked and are having such a good time. Everyone’s just there to have fun you know? I cant wait to get back over there.

Do you have a dream collaboration in mind?

Been getting this one a lot lately! I’ve got a few for sure and they’re all over the place lol. I spent so much time working for Kanye and he’s been an inspiration for me and my work ethic it would be rad to come full circle and work w him again on a proper collab. Obviously Skrillex is the reason I started making electronic music so working with him on something would be insane. Im a massive Bring Me The Horizon fan so I’d love to do some stuff them one day. And lately Wicca Phase is putting out such unique dope shit I’d love to make some records w him.

Where does “Arcus” rank on the list of favorite songs you’ve produced?

It’s up there for sure. Gotta be top 3. I’ve got a couple of cuts on my new EP that I’m REALLY excited about. Glass Hearts is probably my favorite that you guys have heard. Lil Narnia is such a beast and Hex and I wanted to make a record w him that we knew no one had ever heard anything like it before. It was a total risk and we got a lot of positive feedback from it so it was really humbling.

Are there any plans for new projects coming up?

I’ve got my Far From Here EP releasing on March 8th so that’s next up. There are some very cool collaborations coming super soon that I think people will be stoked on too! I can tell you that I’m not stopping this year. Arcus is a great way to kick off 2019, but it’s certainly not how we are going to close it….

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