Interview with Save The Scene Founder David Bayne Trull

Founder of Save The Scene discusses exciting 17-day virtual music festival

Save The Scene Virtual Music & Arts Festival is a virtual music festival that serves to quench the thirst of music fans who are missing the live music experience due to current world events. Save The Scene is one of many virtual festivals and live streams that have sprouted up because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the current pandemic, many music festivals worldwide are cancelled or postponed until further notice. These cancellations and postponements are necessary to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. The Phase 1 lineup (see bottom of the post) was announced and headliners include Lizzy Jane, Electric Kif, and G-Space.

Save The Scene is taking place throughout April 3-20, 2020 and will be hosted from 6 pm to 10 pm EST via streams on the festival’s website, as well as its Facebook page. Interested streamers can also follow the festival’s Instagram account and in fact, the festival will start streaming tomorrow. Save The Scene’s founder is long-time music industry veteran, David Bayne Trull. David has had a successful career working as a promoter, musician, MC, talent buyer, and developer of pure community. He also worked with top festivals, promoters, and sponsors around the U.S. in creating magical experiences. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with the creator of Save The Scene Virtual Music & Arts Festival.

Kenny Ngo: How did Save The Scene come to be?

David Trull: After being let go from my job as the COVID crisis unraveled the music industry, I knew I had to use my network and expertise to create something real and tangible for all of my friends and local artists in the state that I was raised (Florida). I had been planning and dreaming of launching a virtual festival for years and the timing was just right to finally chase my dreams and do the right thing for our scene!

How did you reach out to the artists listed on this virtual festival?

Most of these artists are my friends and I either called them direct or sent them a message on social media. I booked over 80 artists in one week!

Also, what were the strategies in reaching out to the brands, labels, and promoter teams as well?

Most of the brands and partners are friends or people that I have known over the course of my career. My strategy here was to unite the best of the best in Florida in terms of anything music!

What is your opinion on the current app partnership with Unitea?

It’s a new partnership so I am excited to see what unfolds! I love the fact that they will be purchasing artist merchandise to give back to fans that interact and support the artists in their app! Plus they are also helping us build a schedule and book talent. All help is welcomed with open arms!

Even though Save The Scene is a virtual music festival, why is the festival a 17-day event?

I decided to build the festival to give our fans music on every day of the week. It is so that they will have something to look forward to each night! Our plan was ultimately to have a blow out finale on 4/20. So as artists signed up and the lineup grew, we honestly knew we need this much time (if not more) to include every artist booked at the prime streaming times for our fans.

Are there any takeover hosts on Save The Scene?

A bunch! We have over 13 partnered takeovers already planned. Some of my favorites are Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Jungle 51 on 4-4, Incendia on 4-5, Celine Orlando presented by Blue Coffee, Brainquility on 4/20, Manifest Gang, A 40oz. Collective, House Hats Collective and many more to be announced soon!

Is there a lot of media coverage on the festival?

I am getting a ton of love and positive feedback. I have already had about 10 interviews and articles being written in just a few short days!

Is there a way for streamers to donate while viewing Save The Scene?

Yes, we will be partnering with a reputable charity as an umbrella for support of the festival. We are also encouraging each one of our local artists to create a GoFundMe or a similar platform to raise money directly to the artists participating.

When everything gets better again, will Save The Scene become a live, in-person music festival in the future?

That’s the plan! Every artist that crushes it will be brought back for a major music festival with headliners and full sponsor support.

What is your main wish for the world in this current situation?

My main wish is that we all come together and stay safe & healthy in these dire times. I hope that by removing the greed and competitiveness of the industry, Save The Scene will cast a new light on the music culture. Can you imagine the lineup of 10+ major music festivals coming together to plan and host a 2-week long virtual and real-life music festival?!? That’s the goal here, togetherness and unity for friends, artists and fans across the globe.

Image Courtesy: Save The Scene Virtual Music & Arts Festival
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