One EDM Exclusive Interview with Italian Producer Zoibaf

Discover the voice of this young DJ and producer


Zoibaf, a.k.a. Fabio Nicora, is wise young man with a passion and dream to deliver timeless work. Zoibaf is the progressive house DJ and producer behind the summer track “Voices” with Trung. His fire and ice energy is the balance in his mind and music.


Born in Genoa, Italy, he began his musical odyssey in 2010. A desire to pick up a simple guitar began a love story with music that blossomed into a career. Now, he is in the hot seat of the music industry, performing as Zoibaf in the DJ booth. Amidst a steady wave of new releases, Zoibaf took time to chat with One EDM about his life in this interview. Discover what he has to say about his music, spending time with family and friends, and focus on constant growth.


One EDM: Your new track “Voices” is that perfect song for a day at the beach. Are you a producer that tends to produce with an image in your mind of where the music could fit best? Or, is your work something less controlled? 

Zoibaf: Yes, my new track “Voices” together with Trung fits very well with summer vibes. When I work on a track I usually have an idea in mind and this idea is associated with some images. When I work on the video for a song I look for images that are the type, suitable for that song.

What are some popular sounds in the dance community that Italy has that you would love to see in the states?

Unfortunately, the Italian dance community is not very active lately. Therefore it is easier for the sounds coming from the United States to arrive in Italy rather than the other way around. In the past, there have been some songs created in Italy that have inspired the international sound and I hope that in the future it can happen again. But for this to happen, dance music would need much more space and visibility in Italy.

If you could pick one, would you rather be in the studio or would you rather be on stage?

Almost certainly I would pick to be on an important stage but only by having the possibility of proposing my music created in the studio.

Do you have a method or routine when writing new material? 

The way I work on a track can change depending on whether its a collaboration or a solo track of my own. If I work on a track alone I dedicate myself first to the part of the drop and then to the break, lastly I look for a singer who has the right voice for that song and then I finish the final touches. If it is a collaboration I sometimes work on the other drop on the break or the search for the singer while the other producers do the rest. In collaborations, the ideas are bigger so you get more inspiration.

What are some dream festivals you would love to perform at?

The most obvious answer would be festivals like Tomorrowland or L’ultra music festival. A festival in my city where all the people I know can come would be very cool and Ushuaia of Ibiza is one of the places I love most.

What benefit has music had on your life when it comes to knowing your true self? 

Music is a tool that can help every single person escape from the reality that maybe isn’t perfect for them and take them to a place of joy. In my case music is also my main activity and I hope that this can continue as long as possible. Without it, my world is black and white.

Who are some names in music that have inspired the Zoibaf sound? Are there elements outside of music that inspire the sound of Zoibaf as well?

There are so many artists who inspire my music. Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Manse, Tom Swoon, and StadiumX just to name a few. The most important name and the one who has contributed the most to my musical growth is undoubtedly that of Avicii.

Fears: how can we use them to our advantage rather than to our disadvantage? 

Fears are an ever-present part of every person, some people have fewer fears some people have more. The important thing is to try and ensure that these fears do not cause big blocks. To ensure that these fears don’t prevent us from doing things we work hard for. Then if we have some small innocent fear it won’t affect our lives. The important thing is to never be discouraged.

What other genres besides dance can you see yourself producing or experimenting with? 

Since I have started producing music I have gone through the production of different genres. Initially, I have devoted myself more to electro house and Big Room productions. As I started producing progressive house sounds I found the sound that I liked the most. I also worked on Future Bass stuff too.

What is a very important part of who you are that you would want your fans and the world to know? 

I want them to know that I appreciate every single person who listens, shares, and loves my work. I will do everything in my power to grow much more for them and myself.

As an emerging artist, one could only hope to be acknowledged for your original work. How does Zoibaf plan to stand out among a sea of talent without having to conform to a standard?

Finding a sound that differs from the tide of producers today is very difficult. Many genres are almost saturated, it is best to find something that hasn’t been tried yet and focus on that. I hope to improve my productions more and more until I reach that result.

If an individual possessed great ideas, do you believe that person has the responsibility to showcase those ideas? Or is some art meant to only be kept for the artist? 

In my opinion, if an individual possesses ideas that can revolutionize the world or in our case the musical world, it is very important to show it to everyone in order to increase everyone’s knowledge. Obviously, we cannot know if someone has brilliant ideas that they are keeping to themselves but it may have happened or is happening now.

What does Zoibaf do best aside from music?

Music is what I do best. I also like hanging out with friends and meeting new people. I personally think I am a reliable person and a good friend and to me, that is also what I do best.

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