Introducing Cyazon – The Man Behind The Music

Cyazon’s own hybrid spin on modern dance music incorporates elements of dark, ethereal and cyberpunk elements, as he “encapsulates his vision of the murky undertones of abandoned streetscapes, the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis, and the lawlessness of a cyberpunk world”. His artistic view has allowed him to exceed in the industry, with support from the likes of Au5 and Zomboy. Following the success of his single “Neo Soul” with Essenger, which made its debut on Monstercat and garnered hundreds of thousands of plays, Cyazon is continuing to champion powerhouse releases. Overall, he colonizes a fan base of revolutionaries across the world. We caught up with Cyazon to find out more about the man behind the music.

Tell us about how you first got into music?

When I was around 3 to 5 years old. I can’t remember how old I was. The first music I ever heard from my memory was the Godzilla Soundtrack OST. I grew to love heavy music with storytelling ever since. I guess I was just dancing and jumping around my bedroom with my parents having no idea what I was listening to. At least I think so ha-ha.

When was it that you discovered your love for dance music?

I first discovered my love for dance music through going to my first ever EDM show in Pittsburgh, PA at the Rex Theatre. Modestep played as their band. Ever since 2011, music has been everything for me. From the friendships, acquaintances, making sense of life, dealing with past pain, and creating hope for the future for me. That’s how I relate with that question.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

I would describe my music as relating to Bladerunner 2049, Cyberpunk with influences from Nero, Xilent and Au5. Essentially futuristic music. It can be melodic and heavy. It also sounds like the music from the Disney movie, Tron Legacy. Originally, that’s the where the sound for Cyazon was inspired from when I first started. My inspiration is to change the world for the future we are living in right now, to save the world as if we are in a Dystopia right now.

What has been your biggest career achievement so far?

My greatest achievement to date would have to be releasing my first track on Monstercat, Neo Soul with Essenger. Also, my debut on the label. It went beyond my expectations. I was so happy to see that people were able to feel the past pain I felt when creating Neo-Soul. From a past lover that I’m way over by now, everything ended mutually always with the most respect and kindness. And especially for everyone to be able to relate with the song, to then be inspired and hopeful that miracles and manifestations can happen if anyone just works for it every day. To be able to comfort someone when they lose someone or are in pain.

As someone recently told me, a cause is a reaction. So just be kind, nice to people, and work hard every day towards your dreams. Good things happen with patience, time, and persistence. I like to believe it also saved people’s lives, whether I know it or not. And that is something for me to appreciate. My future is already hopeful now. I see it right in front of me everywhere I walk in West Hollywood :).

Who are your musical influences?


He taught me how to actually do this ‘music artist thing’ the right way, and he influenced me to be successful in the most organic, genuine, and authentic way possible.


He showed me technically in person how to mix/master a track the right way. Also, Au5 and Xilent have helped me to analyse how you can make people feel emotions through a melody or a combination of atonal sounds. Also, both of them are so nice, they’re both great people just wanting to help and educate secretly, if people are open to it and listen :). So thank you Xilent and Au5, we are the future that can inspire the world. Maybe not, maybe I’m wrong ha-ha.


I discovered his music in 2020. We both relate so much with past pains, without getting into the details. Trying to make sense of life knowing we may be on our own forever. That’s ok for me too. I can be forever alone and stick to myself. I can wait 3 years before cutting myself out, away from everyone except for people I really trust currently in my life.


Her album XIXI, the acoustic version brings about a very dark, yet beautiful place. Let’s just say out of reality for confidentiality and secrecy. I have already told a lot of people publicly about what I experienced. I’m keeping quiet now. Giving space, time, and patience. Focusing on Cyazon and working hard towards achieving what I set out to do since its creation in 2015. Really since 2011 when I went to the Modestep show. Waiting 3 years, and then living forever alone for infinity.

Where would you like to see your career in 5 years’ time?

I don’t even know. All I know is that the snowball effect has already been falling down to create the avalanche. I do not know how fast the success is coming. Something I cannot predict. I believe it will be by June 2021, I guess. Fair prediction.

What is your all-time favourite song?

I’d have to say Xilent’s “Infinity”.

If you could be stuck in any decade of music, what would it be and why?

I don’t even know. A good place to start would be Nero’s Welcome Reality Album. Nero’s “Between 2 Worlds” would be next. Then Xilent’s two albums, We Are Virtual and We Are Dust. People will have to discover why for themselves.

Which track of yours would you recommend someone to check out?

Definitely “Chimera”.

Finally, what can we expect from you this year?

A lot of collaborations, business partnerships and my own radio show. On January 20th, 2022, my first debut album with my 30- to 90-minute-long movie. More music very soon to be released within the next steps.

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