Introducing Dance Music Duo Wæde Wätts

Wæde Wätts are a Bass Trance duo who have released 'Avenoir'

Dance music duo Wæde Wätts have spent roughly the last two years together honing their craft and developing a debut album that has taken the scene by storm. ‘Avenoir’ saw the top of the Beatport Trance charts in its first week of release, and has certainly put the duo on the radar of a lot of people. We caught up with Matthew and Jerry to find out more about this incredible partnership.

For those who donʼt know you, tell us a bit about yourselves?

MJB: Yo! I’m Matthew J. Bentley and I am an avid lover of all bass music that has a melodic twist to it, thus, I am a big lover of Bass Trance (Think Fatum, Andrew Bayer, Elevven, Us… etc). I have been DJing and producing for almost 13 years, and it’s been an amazing journey. Merely through networking, I have met and hung out with so many of my heroes, played all over the world, and have just started to have musical success joining forces with Jerry (He’s the best!).

I also go by Theølogy. I make 100BPM Trance under that moniker. It’s a genre that I hope will become more popular, but you know… Gotta pay to market everything nowadays haha. I currently reside in West Chester, PA and I LOVE it.

Jerry: Iʼm Jerry aka Table 18. Been living in China as a PE teacher for the last 6 years but due to COVID-19, I’ve temporarily returned stateside. Been producing for just shy of 8 years. I’m from Utah originally and I live for trance, electro, progressive and Golden Retrievers. I am a massive fan of chunky gritty complextro and love to hear that mixed with trance music.

Maor Levi, Ilan Bluestone and Above & Beyond inspire the music that Matt and I make. I have been a DJ/Producer for around 8 years. I have had incredible milestones playing festivals and clubs all over the world. Biggest crowd that I have played for was 20,000 and it was INSANE!!! Matt and I teamed up just over a year and a half ago and we’ve been blazing a trail since! Can’t be more grateful for Matt and I teaming up!

How did you first get into music?

MJB: My Dad showed me a drumbeat when I was 8. I learned it overnight. Next, I started jamming on the piano. I taught myself to play by ear listening to George Winston. Good times.

Jerry: I first started piano when I was 12 and played for a while until I got a drum set at 14. I played the drums and was in an alternative rock band but always wanted more electronic sounds incorporated with our music. When I turned 19, I sold my drums for DJ gear and when I turned 22, I started to produce music and learned the basics from Dubspot University.

When was the first moment when you fell in love with dance music?

MJB: Two moments actually… I had listened to weird video game remixes my friend Richard downloaded off Kazaa back in the day, and there was something captivating about it. Eventually, my brother Rob, influenced by his friend Corbin, was introduced to DJ GT mixes.

From there, he purchased In Search of Sunrise 5 mixed by Tiesto in the days when he made Trance. I remember when Rob gave it to me to listen to, I was immediately blown away by how the music never stopped and all the songs blended into one another. I probably listened to JUST the transition into Moonlight Party by Fonzerelli like 600 times. It still gives me goosebumps to this day.

Jerry: I was 12 when an older cousin burned me a CD that I now understand was a trance, euro house and rave music. The mix had “Darude – Sandstorm” and other classics. I remember losing my mind to sandstorm jumping on my parents’ bed when I was home alone. At that age I remember thinking, this music is the best! It gives me so much energy. Haha! I was hooked forever after that.

Who are your biggest influences?

MJB: For Dance Music? Andrew Bayer, Myon and Fatum. I enjoy how they aren’t limited and they actually use the ENTIRE sound spectrum so graciously at their disposal. It’s refreshing. As a lover of Basslines, they are the best in the industry.

For Musical Composition though? George Winston (he’s a pianist), David Wise (He made the Donkey Kong Country Soundtracks which are some of the best compositions EVER made), and Phil Keaggy (A guitarist I listened to when I was a kid). Other than that, I really enjoy Jazz because it is all over the place, yet still coherent. Jazz music hasn’t been pre-solved for the listener, and I enjoy the musical intelligence therein.

Jerry: My influences are certainly from my heroes Above & Beyond and a lot of the anjunabeats roster along with artists like Armin Van Buuren and Deadmau5. I love the progressive house/trance/electro fusion styles. When I started producing, I made a variety of genres but in 2014 I really religiously started to follow Anjunabeats. It was around that time that I felt I found my musical identity. Trance and anything like A&B became my life and the goals to aim for.

If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

MJB: Helpless (Monster Mix) – Myon and Shane 54. I have the chorus of the song tattooed on my ribs!

Jerry: Just 1? Dang… there are too many good ones. I have to tell you 3:

  1. Deadmau5 – “Aural Psynapse” because it takes me back to the time when producing and becoming a DJ was a far-off dream. This song made me realize I needed to produce my own stuff to become a touring DJ.
  2. Mat Zo – Lucid Dreams (Ilan Bluestone Remix) because this song is also nostalgic of those first milestones. Playing my first festival and regularly playing in clubs. Plus, that driving aggressive Bluestone sound… damn.
  3. Tritonal – Canʼt Keep It In (Club Mix) because this song is a perfect blend of sounds that I love. Electro, trance, vocals. This was another extremely influential song in finding my own musical identity.

How would you sum up your music in 3 words?

MJB: Bass. Trance. Blessing.

Jerry: Melodic, Electro, Trance.

What would be you be if you didnʼt get into music?

MJB: I literally have no idea. I’m nothing without music. Probably a bum of some sort?

Jerry: I’d be a Deck Hand on billionaires’ yachts.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

MJB: Andrew Bayer, Fatum, or Blanke (But that collab would be as Theølogy).

Jerry: Ilan Bluestone, Andrew Bayer, Above & Beyond.

What is your biggest career achievement?

MJB: Going number one with our album on the Beatport Trance Charts for a week in May of 2020 when Anjunabeats was label of the month. We also hit number 8 on the overall charts. We couldnʼt believe it. It was so humbling and unexpected. Now if we could only tour…

Jerry: What Matt said. Defo hitting trance number 1 on our debut album on our own label.

Finally, which one of your tracks would you recommend to someone who hasnʼt heard your music before?

MJB: Our bootleg of Anjunafamily (If they are into the whole Anjuna scene, which we very much are), Rise (Feat. Meredith Bull), Peyton Sawyer, Aeon.

Jerry: Again, what Matt said. What he listed are our best tracks.

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