Introducing Dance Music Rising Star O Cinnedi

O Cinnedi has flourished in the industry as a result of her relentless workethic in pursuing her dreams, developing her skills, and taking her audience on a musical ride like no other. Her rise to prominence derives from her overall talents as a producer with a professional that has seen her success for events and clubs which shows as she builds relationships and collaborates with artists along the way.

As a creative entity, she uses her understanding of the industry and experience to influence and support to bring about positive changes in her vicinity. Her performances include more than just music, where she showcases her wide range of talents with costumes, dance, and theatre in her shows, dazing audiences she graces with her presence O Cinnedi is well equipped to lead by example that commitment, drive, and belief, empowers and drives success. We caught up with O Cinnedi for an introduction interview to find out more about the amazing and talented woman behind the music.

First of all, welcome. How are you doing?

Hello! I am actually awesome! This pandemic has its good days and also its hard
ones. I really took this time to grow; as an artist and also as an individual.
I took this time to learn and become a better individual and also to
understand other people.

Tell us about how you first got into music?

I started playing instruments when I was around twelve. I spent years learning
music theory in grade school, but also played piano and also the clarinet. I
have been a dance performer since I was three and I traveled the world as a
dancer, which actually really helped me become a DJ because I learned quickly
how to time myself and how to rhythmically be able to DJ. Dancing actually is
something I am able to use in my sets and performances and really use in shows.
I started writing music at 16 as it was a huge escape for me from being bullied
in high school. I was a ghost producer and have worked with some amazing
artists around the world. I really wanted to learn production and audio engineering
because I really did not see many women in the industry. It felt like it was my
calling to help inspire any woman to live up to their goals and dreams.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it

Interesting question. I really find it depends on my mood. Right now I am
feeling a dark, horror-like, and scary side of music. I really find in any sort
of my music, I really take part in the idea of using ethereal sounds. I love
the idea of my sounds being ancient and also mermaid sounding.

Who are your biggest influences?

Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Deadmau5, Rezz, Whipped Cream.

Who are your top three artists of all time and why?

Lady Gaga, The Kinks, Avicii.

What has been your biggest career achievement to date?

Hard question for me. I think anything as a performer is an accomplishment.
It’s a hard and tiring industry sometimes but so rewarding. I would say
performing and working with the amazing Archie Pena and having him as my
mentor. He is a Grammy Award-Winning producer and has worked with many artists
including Beyonce and Shakira. He actually wrote the drums for “Hips Don”t Lie”.

What would be your dream label to release on?

For electronic music. Definitely ‘Mau5trap’ and ‘Wakaan’ label. I would be
super emotional about it. For other genres. Definitely Interscope records.

Do you have any hobbies aside from music production?

Learning about spirituality and the Wicca religion is a huge must in my life, also
meditation and learning about metaphysics. I would also say dancing, swimming,
and singing.

How would you describe the vibe of your music in three words?

Ethereal, cinematic and enchanting.

What track would you recommend first-time listeners to check out?

Definitely following my project The Seven Deadly Sins and just seeing the
lessons you can learn from the project. We are all sinful at times, and we can
all work on not allowing the sins to control our lives. Start at PRIDE and work
from there. Thank you so much!

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