Introducing: Lenell Brown

Virginia native Lenell Brown has featured on a number of collaborations with some of Spain’s top DJs and Producers. These include The Zombie Kids, Fonsi Nieto, and Robbie Rivera. He is also the resident vocalist at one of Spain’s most prolific record labels: Clipper’s Sounds. His gospel upbringing paved the way for his career to span across the world. As a result, Lenell Brown is touring in places such as Japan, America, and Switzerland.

Tell us a bit about your musical background?

I’m rooted in Gospel music, but I don’t classify myself as being defined by just one genre. I cross over anything from R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, and Show music.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Flexible, compassionate, and determined to make each production better than the last one. I’m very open to working and collaborating with all artists, willing to work hard on creating the best productions.

Sum up your music in a sentence?

A romanticist storyteller of love and relationships combined with energetic, vibing and electrifying productions.

What made you fall in love with dance music?

The sound, the beat, the rhythm… There are no limits…Music is its own language and regardless of cultures, religions or the color of your skin, music enables you to connect and pierce the walls of fear and hatred.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Receiving my Gold Album Award in 2014 for my participation on the Remady & Manu-L album ORIGINAL.

Who are your idols?

My parents of course… Musically, its the timeless vocalist Lisa Stansfield, Barry White, Smokey Robinson, Baby Face, Peter Gabriel, Ralph Tresvant, Eva Dahlgren, and Vaya Con Dios.

What would you be doing if you did not discover music?

I truly can’t imagine my life without music. I probably would be a teacher or maybe a social worker. Working with people in a multi-cultural environment, creating change and understanding between different cultures.

What are your main goals you want to achieve this year?

Continue releasing and charting new productions with new and old collaborations. And of course, having a track placement on the huge Summer Hits 2019 compilation CD from Universal Music Spain and Spain’s top dance label Clipper’s Sounds where I have had success in placing tracks since 2016 on their Dance Floor Annual and Summer Hits compilations all #1 charting productions. That’s just up until now. so. let’s keep it going!

All time favorite dance track and why?

“Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson because the track is timeless and the lyrics hold true.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I won the Swiss Bowl in Switzerland in American football in 2003 with the Landquart Broncos (now the Canada Broncos).

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Nils Van Zandt

Have you got a dream label you would like to release on?

I’m currently a vocal Artist with Spain’s top Dance label Clipper’s Sounds and they take great care of me. To have a release on Spinnin’ Records would also be nice.

What is the best concert or event you have ever been to?

As I’m into so many different genres, I’ve been to a lot of concerts but specifically in the House scene I would say going to see Remady & Manu-L was the BEST one. The energy and track placement were amazing and I’m a singer so their vocal house productions are always on point. One of the best shows where I performed was in Canet en Roussillon, France at “Complexe La Luna” where I was featured performing with Swiss superstar DJ Remady.

What do you do to help you gain inspiration?

Pray, meditate, escape into the music and inner emotions that are caused from different landscapes, romances, love and personal experiences.

Where can we go to discover more of your music?

You can find me on iTunes and on all digital platforms and Spotify.

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