Introducing Night Tales, Australia’s Most Electric Duo

Night Tales drop their newest single, 'Runaway'

Night Tales is an Australian electronic duo, formed by Kamaliza Salamba and Aaron Bannie (also knows as Third Floor). Night Tales’ most recent release, “Runaway“, comes shortly after their signing with Tinted Records. The smooth single tells the story of the internal battles that come with falling in love.

Night Tales have quickly proven that they are here in this industry to stay, with over 5 million total streams in just two short years. The single that put them on the map, “Move You“, is responsible for almost half of those streams. The pair’s music has been described as, “commanding attention with infectious vocals and an unforgettable beat.” Avid dance music fans might even recognize the name Night Tales from Hayden James 2019 Between Us tour, when the duo got to support one of the top DJs in Australia.

One EDM was able to catch up with Night Tales to chat about “Runaway”, the Between Us tour, some of their influences, and what they have up their sleeve next.

Julia Strothers: What’s the main message behind Runaway?

Night Tales: “Runaway” is about the fear and vulnerability of falling in love despite wanting to dive right in. When the critical inner voice starts to become more present it leads us to self-sabotage and ultimately run away from real love.

What do you think sets this track apart from other songs you’ve put out in the past?

Runaway is our 1st electronic chill ballad. Taking the BPMs down from our usual dance floor bpm of 120 down to 107 bpm. We wanted to really emphasis the emotion of the message in a slower format.

You’ve mentioned that some of your influences include Duke Dumont, Disclosure and RUFUS DU SOL. What is it about their music that speaks to you?

We’ve been compared to Rüfüs Du Sol quite a lot, especially here in Australia from industry pioneers, The Aston Shuffle, and other radio figureheads at Triple J. We enjoy the journey they take you on both musically and lyrically.

Why did you decide to release this track now?

Part of our strategy this year for Night Tales was to release a single a month. We’ve pretty much done that apart from March when COVID-19 hit. We have the rest of the year mapped out in terms of monthly single releases, video content and an exclusive LIVE SHOW, premiere TBD.

How has COVID affected you as musicians?

It’s such an unusual time right now, we feel for all our fellow artists! On one hand the disruption of COVID-19 has allowed more time to create, write and produce. You can work remotely and via Zoom, and there’s more access to talent because they also have more available time. On the other hand, COVID-19 has financially crippled our industry. We can’t tour or play shows at the moment so that revenue stream is completely dried up! However innovation is born out of restriction/barriers and oppression. It’s been great to see how artists have used technology in new ways to reach their artists

How did you get linked with Hayden James and taken on tour with him?

An Australian management, events & booking agency called “AudioPaxx” contacted us about supporting Hayden James on this debut Australian Album tour. We played alongside Naations and FARR.

What was the tour like?

The tour was great. We got to connect with a lot of new fans and grow our fan base locally here in Australia. We actually have a greater fan base and presence in the States, especially Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

Any plans to try to play a live show anytime in the near future?

We were meant to be touring & doing a run of shows in L.A. in June however, due to COVID-19 that couldn’t happen. We’ve actually curated and produced an amazing piece of content with our debut LIVE SHOW; 44mins long and 9 of our original tracks. We’re looking to release this out sometime in the next few weeks/months.

The goal is now is to hopefully secure a festival slot here locally in Australia. There’s a great opportunity for Australia festivals to have full Australian talent line ups because there won’t be any internationals coming over anytime soon.

Are there any artists you hope to collab with?

Yeah for sure. Here locally Cassian, Hayden James, Rüfüs Du Soul, Lastlings. Internationally, Disclosure, Lane 8, Gorgon City and a heap more.

What’s next?

For us, our plan for 2020 was to ensemble a team as we are currently we are self-managed. As well as producing, song-writing and mixing, we do all the marketing/promotional campaigns. So we are on the look out for a manager & booking agent, we are talking to a few at the moment both here in Australia and overseas. This we feel will help us get to the next level so that we can focus solely on making music.

We still plan to release monthly and hope to secure more support slots, festival slots and our own Night Tales live show tour. Stay tuned as we have so much more music and great content to share with the world.

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