ItaloBrothers Discuss “Let Go” in Exclusive Interview

Famed German house trio ItaloBrothers recently released "Let Go" featuring Kiesza on September 18, 2020

ItaloBrothers is a very popular German dance trio who have been captivating dance floors for the past 15 years. Beginning their careers as a trio that had a groovy Italodance-influenced musical style, ItaloBrothers introduced to the music industry a raw energy, sheer talent and music passion that not a lot of people have seen before. ItaloBrothers’ unforgettable 2009 smash hit, “Stamp On The Ground“, became a Top 20 hit and later gained over 110 million streams.

Another chart-topping club banger, 2017’s “Summer Air“, also achieved over 200 million Spotify streams in the three years since its release. On September 18, 2020, ItaloBrothers released their latest single “Let Go” featuring Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza, out now for download and stream via Virgin Records Germany. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with ItaloBrothers, the trio that still produces memorable, addicting club jams for all dance music fans to enjoy.

Kenny Ngo: How has everything been going for you these past few months aside from making music?

ItaloBrothers: Pretty quiet as far as live events, since we had to cancel a whole festival summer. On the other side, we’ve been extremely productive and worked on a bunch of new tracks. One of those we’ve just released – “Let Go” featuring Kiesza.

You just released “Let Go” with Kiesza on September 18th. What is the story behind the track?

It describes the “end” of a long-lasting relationship where both parts realize the only way to proceed in a cool way without closing every single door for a comeback, is to let go. At least for a while. 😉

What should each fan notice in the track’s sounds when listening to “Let Go”?

That this isn’t just a comeback but more a serious new start for us as a band. As far as we consider, we‘ve been steadily developing our style of music always trying to find the sound that we loved most at that time. So when people hear the track, I hope they still can hear it went through our hands.

How was it like working with an accomplished singer-songwriter like Kiesza?

Absolutely amazing. She is such a professional, always performing on point. It’s not a secret that when she released “Hideaway” in 2014, the whole band was blown away by her energy. Long story short – we’re huge fans and honored to have her on our track.

You guys have produced some memorable tracks and performed at prestigious festivals and shows for about the past 15 years. What is the main difference between your musical style when you started your career and your musical style now?

When we started our project back in 2005 it has all been about Italodance. That’s where we feel to have our roots since we drew our inspiration out of songs from artists as Gigi D’Agostino or Gabry Ponte. But honestly, we’ve just been following our hearts, promising ourselves making music that we love and that we can stand for.

So when we hit a time where HandsUp was just the coolest shit on earth for us – we decided to produce a few HandsUp tracks. Followed by some cover songs that sound pretty EDM-ish. Summer Air was probably the first real “commercial” radio song – and so on. I mean, things seem to work best for us as long as we don’t try to focus on any kind of success, but by just making music that we love – no matter the style or the number of bpm.

That’s how “Let Go” was made and how we’d like to proceed in the future.

What was the show or festival that you guys last performed before the pandemic occurred?

Our last show before COVID-19 appeared took place in Svendborg, Denmark on the 7th of March.

Are there any upcoming releases that everyone can look forward to?

Absolutely! After a long break and our latest release, we’re extremely motivated to release new songs at a higher frequency.

Since the 2020-2021 Bundesliga football (soccer) season just restarted, which club do you guys want to win the league?

I’ve been a supporter of Borussia Dortmund for as long as I can remember. Therefore my choice would be BVB.

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