Kamibekami Produces Vibrant and Innovative Electronic Music

Kamibekami is an Iranian electronic music producer who is looking to make his name as a top international star.

Kamibekami, born as Kambiz Noorollahi, is an Iranian electronic music producer, currently based in Turkey. Kamibekami has produced electronic music for the past 15 years, particularly in house and trance. This innovative and skillful artist has always had a passion for music production since childhood. As he progressed in his career, he produced music that has gained fans not just in Iran but around the world too. His goal is to become one of the best producers to come out of West Asia and also show the world that Iran has a very vibrant electronic music scene as well. On November 13, he released his newest EP, Firewall.

This unique Firewall EP contains very vivid deep house sounds and has tracks that will have everyone listening nonstop. Tracks such as “Never Touch Me”, which provides exciting fast rhythms, and “Red Cube”, which utilizes the traditional Persian instrument of sitar and combines the style of slap house, have the potential to become fantastic music that can be played at world-famous music events and festivals. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with this exciting producer, Kamibekami. Furthermore, follow Kamibekami on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and his official website. Last but not least, listen to the music from his latest EP, Firewall, while reading this interview or after reading it. Check out the EP below this paragraph.

Kenny Ngo: For many electronic music fans around the world who do not know much about you, who are you and what is the style of music that you produce?

Kamibekami: Hello to everyone who is reading this article. I am Kamibekami, an Iranian electronic music producer. I started my career many years ago and my career continues to this day. It is like a big trip for me and I learned a lot about music production over the years and I am still learning more. The music I make is inspired by a dark natural atmosphere, and it makes the listener think. Composing music is another part of my work; for example, “Hybrid”, it is a song that has gained a lot of fans. The song has been broadcasted on international radio stations such as onlineradiobox.

When my photo as the best composer in Iran for a short film was published on the best Iranian music magazine, my motivation to spread my songs to global fans multiplied. I have also received nominations for “Best Music” at several international festivals, which is a great honor for me. I should add that this interview is very special for me because I want to introduce my music to everyone around the world, particularly in North America and Western Europe.

What made you decide to become a music producer in electronic music?

Electronic music comes from the depths of my heart; this style is a part of my being that has been with me since childhood. When I work with FL Studio to make music, time stops for me and I do not notice it pass by. My main goal is to present pieces that fill the soul and the state of mood in human beings and cheer up the human soul for a moment.

According to your discography, you have produced very good releases. Your upcoming EP will come out on November 13 and it is called Firewall. What is Firewall about?

This album is a firewall that when you cross it by listening to the songs, you will no longer be the previous human. You will have a greater understanding of the elements of nature. Also, the spiritual atmosphere of the format on the album adds to this mood. The abstract style of this album is inspired by great producers such as Armin van Buuren and Tiësto, who are my role models in music.

How was the production process of this Firewall EP?

It all started on a rainy day when I heard raindrops falling on the glass and noticed the mist behind the glass. That’s why the idea of “Dark Mist”, one of my tracks, came to my mind and I made that piece. Afterwards, the next pieces such as “Storm” evoked the excitement of nature in me after that day.

I was born on September 7, 1988 on a rainy day in Tehran. Thinking about that inspired me to create a spark in my mind and soon, “Firewall” was born.

What is different between the “Firewall” EP and your past releases?

The combination of Western and Persian music was my dominant style in previous music. However, my new songs are associated with a spiritual atmosphere and the use of natural elements. Those unique elements can lead the listener to an unknown space.

I always think of being very creative in the field of music. Each of my albums have a new style of electronic music that attracts new fans.

In 2019, you also created your own label, “NRL Records”. How do you feel about being in charge of your own label?

Responsibility has always been beautiful to me. Especially in the field of music, where I feel I have a heavy duty to fulfill. My whole effort is being able to introduce great artists to everyone and ensure that will happen by helping NRL Records become a very successful label.

Two years later, how is your label doing now?

It’s two years old for a label record, but it has made a lot of progress. I try to select more high-quality music and artists because music quality is more important to me than the quantity.

What has been your favorite music event or music festival that you have ever performed at?

There have been many festivals which I have participated in. I have tried to be inspired by these festivals when making my music. Some of them are TomorrowlandOVO Fest, Rio Fest, and Outside Lands.

Which music event or music festival would you like to perform at in the future?

Performing music in very popular festivals such as Electric Daisy CarnivalUltra Music Festival, Electric Forest, Creamfields, Electric Zoo and Mysteryland.

For everyone reading this article, I am to say that I am organizing a big electronic festival in Antalya, Turkey very soon. I will provide more information in the near future.

(These festivals will be held in the form of multi-day camps and international DJs in these programs).

In your personal opinion, if someone decides to visit Tehran, which music venue and/or nightclub do you recommend people to check out?

In the concerts of Iranian singers such as Mohsen Yeganeh, Babak Jahanbakhsh; Sirvan Khosravi. I have performed music with these great artists and I was DJ-ing at their shows as well. In those years, I performed under my real name, Kambiz Noorollahi. Now, I have been working under the artistic name of Kamibekami for many years. All of the performances were in the hall of Milad Tower in Tehran. Later, the COVID-19 pandemic postponed those performances. Of course, I can promise everyone reading this interview that I will invite you to one of my programs as a VIP to prepare a special report one day. Come visit the beautiful capital of Tehran and also check out the music scene there.

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