KEPIK is a Must-Hear Melodic Bass DJ for Years to Come

San Francisco-based KEPIK is a melodic bass producer who produces energetic bangers

KEPIK is a rising star who knows all the right sounds and beats to conjure everyone’s emotions. Although KEPIK was born and grew up in Hawaii, this exciting DJ currently has San Francisco as his home city. He showcases his music producing talents by merging different genres together. In fact, even though his current music contains more Melodic Bass, he began his career creating pulse-pounding Progressive and Trance tracks. Last year, KEPIK signed onto Armada, one of the world’s biggest dance music labels, and specifically on MaRlo‘s Reaching Altitude imprint. Additionally, he also signed with record label, Lowly., which is owned by bass and trap music promoter Trap Nation. Here is One EDM’s interview with this San Francisco-based artist who has potential to become one of the world’s top bass producers.

Kenny Ngo: How has the quarantine been for you?

KEPIK: It has actually been quite productive for me! Many producers are secretly introverts at heart who spend countless hours cooped up in their studios. So being stuck in quarantine has not really changed much of my daily routine. Although, I really do miss music events.

Are you currently producing any new music?

Always! I actually have new music that’s finally coming out in the coming months!

The latest EP that you produced is titled, “Neon Sky”, which has different mixes of the same name. Which one is your favorite mix of “Neon Sky”?

I would say the VIP Mix. That mix was the initial concept of Neon Sky. The genre differences were stark, that I decided it was best to create separate versions.

Your recent track that you released was “Prism Heart” with singer Molly Marrs. How was it like working on the track with her?

Molly is a sweetheart. It was great working with her and I was amazed at the outcome! Molly had the right voice that I wanted for Prism Heart. To be honest, if it weren’t for her agreeing to work on Prism Heart, that song would be sitting in my archives, collecting dust. Funny story, but it was her BF that first found me on IG. He reached out to me and pitched the idea of collabing with her.

You also remixed SLANDER and Said The Sky’s “Potions”. What are the significant features of your remix that the listeners should look out for?

I made the bootleg remix to give Potions a bit more “oomph” and felt having a Drum & Bass flip would be a nice changeup on the second drop.

Have SLANDER and Said The Sky reached out to you and gave their opinion on your remix?

Unfortunately no.

In your own words, what is your musical style?

While my love right now is Melodic Bass, my journey started with Big Room Progressive which in turn evolved to Progressive Trance. Given the breadth of genres that I have dabbled with, I just like making music that gives off a melodic and euphoric feeling.

What has been your favorite show or festival that you performed in?

While I have played a fair amount of sold out nights, providing opening and closing support at the old Ruby Skye here in SF. Nothing will top the experience I had, opening the night up for MitiS, au5 & Xan Griffin, last year at the now defunct Mezzanine. The amount of people that came early just to catch my set, as well as seeing people recognize and sing-along to my music, was incredible. I saw in the distance, somebody shazaming while Prism Heart was being played! Best of all, I was able to play a set composed entirely of my own original productions. Shout out to Sarah West (WestFest) for putting together that amazing show! 

According to your bio on Soundcloud, you were born and grew up in Hawaii. How was it like growing up there?

Growing up in Hawaii was very chill. You cannot really complain about living in paradise…well, except for the humidity. I have become spoiled by the weather here in the Bay Area.

What is the first thing that you would like to do once the shelter-in-place order is officially over?

To be honest, the only thing I am really looking forward to are music events. But we all know that probably will not happen until sometime in 2021.

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