Krevix & Miami Boys Go Behind The Scenes Of ‘Just One Touch’

Krevix and Miami Boys stunned listeners all over the world with their latest release of ‘Just One Touch’, the DJs and music producers have been busy making fresh new tracks and performing live; and while each act has their own characteristic flavor and style, this Future Rave track brought them together to release a powerful party anthem that continues to make its way onto dancefloors worldwide. 

We sat down with the talented artists to talk about the process of collaborating and producing together although from afar. This is what they said. 

  1. Hello Krevix and Miami Boys, how are things going? 

Things are going well, thank you! I’m very busy with producing some new tracks and Miami Boys are very busy with live shows since March. Together, we are happy about the feedback on our releases this year so far, Miami Boys were added to two Spotify editorial playlists. It was a huge success for us. 

  1. Could you walk us though the process of working on this song? What was the initial idea behind it? 

The initial idea came from Kevin (Krevix) and he sent it to us (Miami Boys) after we released our Future Rave track ‘Heartbeat’ in January. When he sent it to us, it was already quite far and the potential was very obvious. We only tweaked the arrangement a little bit and added some Miami Boys flavor. 

I (Krevix) started the project 6 months ago; the initial idea came from festival vibes. I really like to make energetic music. After some versions, I came up with a version for ‘Just One Touch’. But it wasn’t fully finished in my opinion. I discovered the Miami Boys with their track ‘Heartbeat’. I really like their vibes and style of producing, so I sent them the version and they worked on the arrangement a little and added some Miami Boys flavor. 

  1. How did the opportunity of collaborating together come through? 

So, as I (Krevix) said above, I came with the first version of ‘’Just One Touch’. But it wasn’t fully finished in my opinion, so I sent Miami Boys the version.  
After the release of ‘Heartbeat’ many artists wanted to collaborate with us, but we liked Kevin’s (Krevix) demo the most and we quickly developed a good personal relationship with him. That’s why we decided to team up for ‘Just One Touch’. 

  1. Does the track have a reference or sonic influences that you took into consideration while producing it? 

The song is Future Rave in its finest form, so everything from. David Guetta and Morten, especially ‘Kill Me Slow’. 

  1. Did you discover new ways or processes of production while working on this song? 

This was the first time for the Miami Boys to collaborate with someone they haven’t been to the studio with. I made already some collaborations with people around the world like Kash Mihra, Mavzy grx and The Fifth, so I already knew how it is to work online. Everything in the collab was completely online. It was a challenging and fun experience and worked out better than we expected. 

  1. How long did it take you to work on this track? 

It took Krevix 3 months to finish the first idea/demo/version. Once Kevin sent the demo, we finished the track within a week. After that we received together a lot of great feedback from Ken (Bauer) until it was perfect 

  1. How would you describe this song to someone who hasn’t listened to it before? 

The drop is highly energetic and driving, while the breaks are very emotional. What makes the song unique is the distinctive bell sound. 

  1. Where would you say it’s best to listen to ‘Just One Touch’? 

At the Mainstage, for sure! 

  1. What are you currently working on? 

Krevix is busy with some new tracks and has some more waiting to be released. Also, he’s trying to get behind the DJ decks. Miami Boys are busy with two music videos and have 6 more songs in the pipeline waiting to be released. 

Also, they are planning to develop their own plugin, especially designed for Big Room producers  

  1. Any upcoming performances? 

Krevix will join Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano backstage during their set at Mysteryland. Miami Boys will be having some shows in Germany, Austria and Italy. They are also taking part in the DJ contest for the Electric Love festival in Austria in July, it is a big dream of them to play there at some point. 

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