Introducing Le Malls and His New Hit, “Blazed”

Le Malls releases his first music video in collaboration with Beckii Power, “Blazed“. The duo creates an incredibly vibrant experience with a quick progression of hats within a rise into an untainted drop. When fused with Power’s flawless vocals, a realm of emotion and livelihood is prefaced beside the video’s incredibly scenic setting. The two combined created an outstanding track fueled by emotion and a vibrant feel. Below is a one-on-one interview conducted with Le Malls himself regarding the track and his career.

Robert Ortiz: Hello Mr. Malls. Beginning as a rising artist within the music genre, it appears you’ve attained a bit of fame regarding ‘R&G’.

Le Malls: Mr. Malls! I like that. No one has ever called me that. My nickname is Le Malls and my friends have always called me that so it seemed like a fitting name for this project. So R&G was my first track which really gained any notoriety. I had a track which was called Night Walk which did ok but nothing compared to R&G. It received about 1 million plays in its first week and I never thought that it would be as big as it has been for me. Everyone seems to really like it and has given me such great feedback on it so I am really happy as to how it turned out. I believe this track describes my style to the best of my ability which is a combination of dark synths, trippy sounds, and dark vocals.

RO: Now to begin preemptively, the track is a collab with vocalist Beckii Power, now tell us, how did you two meet?

Le Malls: ‘Blazed’ is a collaboration with a UK singer named Beckii Power. I wrote the instrumental and once I was done with it I sent it over to her. She thought the track was really dope and she laid down the top line and boom, we created Blazed. I originally met her through Soundcloud and I had been listening to a lot of her stuff before we decided to work together on the track. She really wrote some magical vocals which brought that emotional touch to the track.

RO: Now regarding ‘Blazed’, where did the inspiration come from on writing a song with such emotion?

Le Malls: Music to me is like our universe – different galaxies and planets, everything and everyone has its own specialty. Every time I work on a track, I try to make sure it has its own vibe and story. That was the same process for ‘Blazed’. I played with some new sounds and structures which started the story. The goal was to make people feel that natural high you get from love, but also life in general. Beckii really helped bring out all of the emotion in the track through her lyrics and her style. I fell in love with it when I heard it for the first time. Stranger Things from Netflix might have also subconsciously influenced ‘Blazed’. That show is absolutely amazing and so original, I love it.

RO: When writing the song, exactly what image was painted into your mind and how it would be represented visually?

Le Malls: I visualized the way people look when they are just in love and happy. Almost as if they are the only two people on the planet in their own little world together. Everyone will picture something different when they listen to the track and get a different vibe though, and that’s what music is all about. Perception.

RO: Did the story portrayed in the music video play relatively close to how you felt the track should have been expressed in terms of the emotional impact?

Le Malls: I think the music video has been an amazing way to push the track to the next level of feelings and the delivery and emotion that I wanted to give. The idea of feathers was a great way to express what the lyrics were about as well as filming it in London. The double face beauty in London which can be such a beautiful city but in the meantime a sad city where everybody is rushing around. This is what I loved about London and where I was spiritually when we filmed the video. Cameron Ward who directed the video really captured the essence of lost love and happiness all in one video and this is something that really I believe was portrayed well.

Le Malls is prepping for a major debut in the EDM world at just 17 years old.

RO: Addressing the video itself a sense of purity seemed to be expressed in the scenes, how exactly did you achieve that?

Le Malls: That is also what we wanted to express in the music video without over complicating it like all the other ordinary love music videos. The white feathers played an important role in the video and also in the story they mean a lot of things related to fragility and emotions that love can let in. The sense of having someone or losing someone I believe was captured in a great way without being too obvious, and Tara (who is also my manager) was in the video and helped capture that element. She’s awesome! I had a little cameo in there too which was really cool. I didn’t really want to be in the video but, I’m a good sport I guess, and liked the way it came out in the end.

RO: And what exactly inspired you to create the setting primarily within an apartment rather than perhaps a memorial sense featuring memories shared between the couple portrayed in the video?

Le Malls: The setting was very simple and we wanted to have something fun that people can relate to. The video was shot and edited within a 24 hour period and we just used the tools we had to create something awesome. We really didn’t want to overcomplicate anything. This was so important to us. The memories in the video were portrayed briefly, but Tara had a lot more fun busting out her dance moves lol. The model/dancer we were supposed to use didn’t work out and we had no time to waste, so after a whole day of directing the other parts of the video, Tara threw my sweatshirt on and some socks on and danced around in feathers with a smile like a champ. Trust me, those feathers were absolutely everywhere and we were so tired that night after shooting the video we slept on them! They covered the entire apartment. The cleanup job was no joke!

RO: Shifting a bit away from the video itself, having an interview take place and spread through articles, what direction do you believe your career is heading?

Le Malls: Literally everything I could ever dream of has been happening with my career. I am 17 years old and still finishing up high school. I never thought in a million years that this would be happening so quickly. As soon as R&G was released I signed to Paradigm in New York two weeks later. About a month after that I signed to an agency in London called Echo Location. People who have been doing this for a decade dream about these agencies and I have been so lucky to have such great people believe in me and my music. The direction of my style will always continue to evolve like any other producer that really believes in true art and development. My future bass, dark pop, a synthetic style will always evolve as to what is happening in my life and my surroundings. As I discover new styles of music I would imagine my style to evolve as well. I can’t tell you what direction it’s really heading in though but I am really happy at the moment with how everything has been going so I guess time will only tell!

Big plans lay ahead for the French artist.

RO: Well finally, do you have any upcoming projects or plans you would like to share?

Le Malls: Well yes I have quite a lot! I plan to really try and release an original track every month this year. The next release comes out May 11th which is named Call Me and will be out via Lowly Palace / Trap Nation. They have been really good to me and have supported a lot of my music. In June I will be releasing some more material and will be playing some shows. This is something that I have always dreamed of.

RO: It looks like this is just about wrapped up, any final words?

Le Malls: I just want to say thank you for the interview. I guess I would really like to have people check out the music and spread the word! It’s surreal to be where I’m at career-wise when the rest of my friends are headed to college in the fall, and your support means the world to me. The fact that music can reach such a vast audience simply by word of mouth and the internet in this day and age is the reason why though. It’s so cool to be able to get your music heard on every corner of the globe overnight! Oh yeah, and be sure to check out my social pages so you guys can stay up to date on all the new music, tours, collabs, etc! Much love!

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