Leandro Da Silva Continues Enhancing His Talents Each Year

Leandro Da Silva, one of Brazil's emerging electronic music stars, will release his newest single "Breathe" on November 13th

Leandro Da Silva is one of Brazil’s recognizable electronic music stars. As an artist who also grew up in Italy, Leandro Da Silva has just recently ranked #9 on 1001Tracklists’ “Top 101 Producers” chart. On November 13, he will unveil his newest single “Breathe” with Matt Kerley and Rion S.

Additionally, Leandro Da Silva has seen his tracks featured on notable record labels like Spinnin’ and Black Lizard. Furthermore, the likes of Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Afrojack also expressed support for this outstanding DJ/producer who has strong roots from Brazil and Italy. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Leandro Da Silva, the up-and-coming artist who may become the next top name in the ever-growing Brazilian electronic music industry.

Kenny Ngo: Did you get to celebrate Halloween? If so, how was it for you?

Leandro Da Silva: I had a dinner at home with my family. My Mom dressed up as a witch and my brother as a vampire. We ate a lot of pumpkin! Rice with pumpkin, pumpkin cake, pumpkin liquor….I hate pumpkin!

You recently ranked #9 on 1001Tracklists’ “Top 101 Producers” chart. What do you think of this milestone?

I still can’t quite believe it! I’ve worked hard in the studio all year (the circumstances have unfortunately helped to produce more) and beautiful tracks came out, supported by my colleagues who liked and played them. You see the support over the years but you don’t think you will rank that high!

Aside from this accomplishment, what is the most memorable moment from your career that you are still proud of the most?

An exciting moment in my career was the first time ever I played in Brazil. It was at the Federal Music Festival. I left Brazil when I was 10 and having the chance to return to my homeland thanks to my music was indescribable!

You have collaborated with Matt Kerley and Rion S for your upcoming single “Breathe”. What is the song’s background?

There was a continuous exchange of ideas, tools and stems. Rion S wrote the melody, Matt knocked out a structure and I closed the track by adding my groove. It was very fun! We found Altra Moda, a label I’ve been aiming for for a long time! It was great to collaborate with them.

What are the significant sounds of “Breathe”?

I would say the groovy percussive elements alongside Rion S’s soulful vocal line make for a really danceable vibe. The piano house line creates this backdrop that drives the track forward, so the vocal line just floats over the top in a really hypnotic way.

How do you feel about the success of your recent remix of David Guetta and Sia’s “Flames”? Especially since it reached #1 on Beatport and had over 7 million streams on Spotify?

I loved remixing David Guetta’s “Flames”! To be honest, I felt so grateful to be given the chance, it’s my most streamed track on Spotify to date! I still remember when I got Sia’s dry vocals, I honestly got goosebumps! Moreover, David is an incredible producer. He has been able, over the years, to always be on the crest of the wave.

What do you think about the growth of the Brazilian electronic music industry for the past several years?

The Brazilian electronic music scene has grown a lot. Many Brazilian DJs are starting to become better known in Europe and I’m really proud of this. I remember when I was a child and went back to spend the holidays with my father, there was no electronic scene in Italy and this sound was part of the culture of every boy in Brazil.

Many global electronic music stars such as Pete Tong, Oliver Heldens and Don Diablo have exclaimed support for you. Which stars have you enjoyed performing alongside with or collaborated with in your career?

I’ve done a couple of back-to-backs in my career which I’m very proud of. One with Solomun and another with the maestro, Roger Sanchez. Keeping up with his technical skills in the console was impossible.

Which rising Brazilian DJs should all music fans need to check out?

Manodom is an amazing, upcoming talent from Rio De Janeiro. I’m actually in the process of finalising an outstanding collaboration with him at the moment! You will hear about him soon enough!

What are your hopes for 2021?

First of all: let’s find a vaccine!!! Stop COVID! We need more global hope. 🙂

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