Lizzy Jane Talks About Her Latest Show, “The XO Podcast”

Orlando-based Lizzy Jane's newest podcast, "The XO Podcast", is a must-hear for all electronic music fans worldwide and it's available on YouTube and Spotify

Lizzy Jane is a classically-trained musician and bass music DJ/producer from Orlando, Florida. She has recently began broadcasting her new podcast series called “The XO Podcast“. The first two guests on Lizzy Jane’s new podcast show were legendary London-based duo Modestep and Leeds-based dubstep artist Chime. Lizzy Jane’s launch of “The XO Podcast” is a huge step in her career as a producer in the international bass music industry.

The XO Podcast was curated by myself to give my listeners an insight to the music industry from all angles and different points of views”, Jane states. “I have artists, talent agents, managers and industry professionals from all over the board coming on the show to talk about their lifestyle and their contribution to the spinning wheel of the music industry. We will be covering current events, the newest treads, and overall advice for aspiring future industry professionals”. Finally, here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Lizzy Jane, whose latest guest is Dariel Leiva, the founder of Electric Hawk.

Kenny Ngo: December is here! What did you think about this whole eventful year?

Lizzy Jane: I reflect back on this whirlwind of a year, and feel all sorts of feelings towards what is going on in the world. The pandemic, politics, the lack of help provided to the entertainment industry, and more. I have sorrow and regret for so many of my friends who have lost their livelihoods and careers. I try to find a silver lining in all of this and I have to say that this pandemic and country-wide shut down has allowed me to mentally reflect on my goals and focus on my craft and the reason why I started making music.

In the midst of all the shows, festivals, social media, and more, I feel like we all sometimes lose sight of why we are here and why we fight to stand on stage. The sole reason for it all is to showcase the music we create in our studio alone in hopes it will relate to someone else out there. I took this time to learn and hone in on specifics of my craft, mostly mixing and mastering techniques, and level up in my music.

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

For Thanksgiving I actually golfed with my boyfriend, LOL. Taking into account the pandemic and that we both go places regularly, we only saw a few family members this year instead of multiple large family gathering.

You now have a podcast series called “The XO Podcast”. How did the idea of creating “The XO Podcast” come to be?

The XO Podcast was curated by myself to give my listeners an insight to the music industry from all angles and different points of views. I have artists, talent agents, managers and industry professionals from all over the board coming on the show to talk about their lifestyle and career. I wanted to create a space for these people to come on and talk about whatever they want to talk about.

This is not formatted like an interview or a series of questions, it is a free-flowing conversation around current topics in our industry and the world we live in. In an industry where the music takes the front spot, it will be nice to hear personally from these people on their thoughts, concerns, and more.

Legendary duo Modestep from London were the first guests on “The XO Podcast”. Why did you decide on Modestep to be the first guests on your podcast series?

First off, they were one of the artists that first got me into electronic dance music. We both have a similar background where we came from rock/alt rock/ post hardcore background and evolved to electronic music. I’ve played a few shows with them in different states.

I thought it would be SO sick to have them on as a guest, especially to get the point of view of someone living in the states with only an artist visa given that the live event industry is still halting for almost a year now. We spoke on Covid-19, the difference between the states and the UK, Modestep’s evolution as a project, and more.

The second guest on the second episode of “The XO Podcast”, which aired on November 27th, was dubstep producer Chime from Leeds, England. What are your thoughts on the ever-growing popularity of dubstep worldwide?

I think it’s fu**ing AMAZING. I feel like dubstep used to be the sub-genre and now, after years of growth, there are SO many sub-genres of bass music from colour bass to future riddim to experimental, glitch, and many more. There’s really something for every listener.

Truly I believe quarantine gave future – riddim and colour bass sub – genre its day in the sun. I am so happy to see this sub-genre prevail and I’m stoked for Chime to continue to lead the way.

Who shall be the third guest on Lizzy Jane’s “The XO Podcast”?

Dariel Leiva, founder of Electric Hawk, joins me on my third episode of the podcast to speak about the future of Electric Hawk, how he got into artist management, what he looks for in a staff writer and more.

Will there be any upcoming releases in early 2021?

Yes! Very excited for my first three releases of the year, two of which will be in January. (:

Are you planning to perform at any shows or festivals next year as well?

In fact, I am right now scheduled to play Sunset Music Festival and Asteria Arts and Music Festival. We as a team made sure there are safety guidelines in place before accepting the offer to perform. I sincerely do hope these events happen.

However, I know everyone is monitoring the progression of the virus and vaccine and there are possibilities that dates may change. It is always of upmost importance to keep everyone safe but also try to keep from our industry falling more than it already has. Fingers crossed!

Before the pandemic, what music festival did you last performed at?

The last festival I played at was Forbidden Kingdom!

What are your plans for Christmas?

For Christmas, I plan to get tested before seeing my parents and spending the holidays with all of them. I am also in the process of finally building my dream studio so that is very exciting and I’m hoping my family members can help me with some minor last pieces (bass traps, extensions, ext).

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