Lorna James Talks About Her Track ‘Outside Dance’, Her Inspiration And Upcoming Projects

Pianist and composer extraordinaire Lorna James introduced her powerful new track ‘Outside Dance’ recently and received rave reviews as well as getting a large number of listeners eager to find out more about this new talent. 

Her signature sound and passion for Electronic Dance music has taken her far, getting her opportunities to share and collaborate with artists from different music genres like Rap, R&B, and Rock. Now, she aims to reach new heights with the upcoming releases in the pipeline.  

We sat down with the talented composer to ask her more about the process behind ‘Outside Dance’. 

Hi Lorna, how are you?  

I’m great thanks! Enjoying the summer. 

You recently release ‘Outside Dance’, what was it like releasing this new track?  

This track is the first collaboration with Andy Galea (aka Sol Brothers) who I’ve known for many years. We talked about working together in the 90s and we finally collaborated in 2022. The result is a melodic Tech House track which we hope gets people dancing.  

What inspired this song?  

The song does what it says on the tin: it’s about dancing outside, whether as the sun goes down or begins to rise, or sometime in between. 

Did you learn something new while working on this song?  

I learned a lot whilst working on this song, which was that it is possible to create a cohesive Dance track with different sections and layers. Reading the DJs feedback when the track was out on promo also taught me a lot about what was working on dancefloors around the world. It’s just amazing and humbling in equal measure to think that people in different parts of the world are dancing to my music, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to do this. 

What did you want to achieve with this release?  

This is one of my first house music releases, and my first ever collaboration with a DJ / Producer so I wanted to start with a track that would get people from the bar onto the dance floor. 

How would you like your listeners to feel when they listen to ‘Outside Dance’?  

Like they’re at a festival!  

How long did it take you to work on this track?  

We created it in one day by Zoom, Andy in his studio and me on my piano, exchanging Logic files throughout the day. 

Using 3 words, how would you describe the song?  

Sunny, progressive and euphoric. 

Where would you say it’s best to listen to ‘Outside Dance’?  

OUTSIDE, when it’s warm and you have a cool drink in your hand. 

What are you currently working on?  

I’m always working on several things at once, so at any one time I’ll be composing a classical piano piece, then using the chords from that piece to create a Dance track, and then sometimes slowing it down to create an ambient/chill track. I’ve got several more tracks with Andy Galea – Tech, Progressive and Melodic House – which are scheduled for release throughout the rest of this year, and more remixes with Subsume Records.  

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