Behind The Scenes: Lyonbrotherz “Heartstrings”

The German duo, Lyonbrotherz, made up of Daniel and Keven Lyon have been setting their home country ablaze with their productions and are now working hard on building their international reputation. Last years singles “Sonic” and “Circles” were both well received, and “Heartstrings” is the latest track from the guys. We caught up with them to learn more about the song.

Lyonbrotherz “Heartstrings”

Tell us a little bit about the story behind “Heartstrings”?
It started with the idea to collaborate with our friend Pengwin so we exchanged some of our ideas and Pengwin had this one, almost finished, idea which needed just small changes and a good vocalist. So, we decided to feature our friend Jay Vallée on the song. The rest was just a result of many studio sessions.

Why have you decided to stray a little further into a more hip-hop vibe with this tune?
In general we liked the tune, but we think Pengwin can answer more – as his basic idea was what started the track!

How did you meet/get in contact with Pengwin?
It was on Instagram we think, we liked eachother’s music and connected, and now we are friends.

What was it like working together?
It was interesting that we could create something which we all liked in spite of the difference between us.

Where did you find Jay Vallée and her amazing vocals? Did she write the lyrics?
We know Jay Vallée from Facebook because she also lives in our. She wrote the lyrics and it worked out really well.

Are you planning to make more of these chilled out EDM/Hip Hop tunes?
Of course! One will be coming soon with the singer Elle Vee.

What other collaborations are you planning in the future?
There will be coming some features with Greenskiez and Pengwin and also some new artists.

Are you playing any festivals this summer?
We won´t play directly but it could be that we will play some guest sets. Who knows.

What are your plans for the next few months?
Working on new stuff and keep doing our thing.

Where can we go to buy “Heartstrings”?
Everywhere online i.e. i-tunes, Beatport, Amazon. But you can stream it too!

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