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Mike Lisanti is one of the most promising artist managers and entrepreneurs within the music industry. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is currently a self-employed management partner with Prodigy Artists, the LA-based management home of heavy-hitting acts such as NGHTMRE, SLANDER, WHIPPED CREAM, Kompany, Ghastly, Habstrakt, etc… Lisanti, along with his team, manages artists including Crankdat, Effin, Habstrakt, Kompany, and Nitepunk. Mike Lisanti is also the former one half of the electronic duo Charity Strike.

Alessia Toscano: Which artists have you worked with so far?

Mike Lisanti: “I currently manage Habstrakt, Kompany, Crankdat, Effin, and Nitepunk. I have managed Borgeous, CVBZ, Moody Good, TYNAN, IZII, and Champagne Drip in the past — all on good terms with them too of course.”

What do you consider to be your management style?

“I come from the artist side so I’ve co-written clients’ songs and I tend to be very hands-on A&R-wise. I also have a very operational style of management. My “no task left unturned” type of mentality has really come in handy during the pandemic. Especially when my day to day Matt Pimentel and I are doing the million other non-tour related things that go into management. It allows us to turn right to the page we left off at the end of the day no matter what.”

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome during your career in the music industry?

“Becoming an actual manager with my own support team. I learned that no one is just gonna let you succeed more than wherever they’re at, so sometimes you just gotta have faith in the process, build properly, keep client loyalty as the utmost top priority, and don’t get caught up on the bright and shiny for little to no compensation — especially when it comes to being a “yes” person. Don’t just know your worth, ESTABLISH it early on so you aren’t a thin doormat.”

Mike Lisanti

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