Exclusive Summer Interview with Mateo Paz

Mateo Paz has been in the industry for the past 10 years and has a string of critically acclaimed releases and a widely successful radio show, Gain, under his belt. Now that the summer is well and truly in full swing, we caught up with the Progressive House DJ and producer to discuss some of his favorite things about the summer.

What’s your favorite thing about Summer?

It definitely has to be parties on the beach! I like to choose different destinations every year. Also being a DJ playing at a beach party is something that I am sure every DJ is grateful for.

Best summer festival?

Exit in Novi Sad, Serbia. There were some great performers was there this year.

What’s your best summertime memory?

I would say Exit again. I love how the people party there, I really enjoy visiting Serbia every time.

Top three songs to play when it’s sunny?

CamelPhat, Cristoph – Breathe [Pryda]

Pongo – Lose My Mind (Artbat Rave Mix) [Global Underground)

Sébastien Léger – Lanarka (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]

Dream holiday destination?

LA. It’s a place that’s on the go 24/7 so it’s not just lounging around in hot weather all the time! So if you want a destination for a holiday that feels like home, definitely visit Los Angeles.

Do you prefer playing gigs in the Summer or Winter?

As I said before, I especially love beach parties, but also rooftop parties and festivals in the summer. It’s just a better vibe!

Chilling at the beach or laying by the pool?


Best food to have in the summer?

Seafood, salads, fresh vegetables and fruits, they’re always my go-to!

Go to drink when it’s hot?


What is your top tip for staying cool?

It’s simple, be kind for each other and let’s be ourselves.

What plans do you have career-wise this summer?

I am working on a single for a great underground label. Also preparing a remake of a legendary track so stay tuned!

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