Mathieu Koss Talks Food, Music and “Cooking with Chef Koss”

Mathieu Koss is a multi-talented individual on the stage and in the kitchen

Mathieu Koss has returned to the spotlight in this decade not with new music, but instead with a unique cooking show series on YouTube titled ‘Cooking with Chef Koss’. Each episode on “Cooking with Chef Koss” shows off Mathieu Koss’ cooking talents outside of his usual dance music work. In 2017, his hit single ‘Big Jet Plane‘ featuring Alok gained 250 million streams. Last year, Mathieu Koss collaborated with Aloe Blacc for their hit single ‘Never Growing Up’.

That single impressively amassed over 11 million Spotify plays just a little over thirteen months after its initial release. The diligent, attention-to-detail work that Mathieu Koss provides to his music production, he does the same thing for his cooking too. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Mathieu Koss as the French house DJ/producer discusses his love for food, music, and his awesome YouTube series.

You started a YouTube series called “Cooking With Chef Koss”. How has it been like producing the series so far? 

It has been so much fun. I’ve been working on this project for months now and I am really happy to have this show finally live!

What has been your favorite dish to cook and present on the series?

The best one for me so far has been the ‘lasagna’ because this is my grandmother’s recipe. She is Italian and she came to France after World War II. It is really important to me to share some of the recipes that she used or is still using to cook for me today.

Did you enjoy cooking when you were growing up and when you entered adulthood?

Yes! Cooking has always been a part of my life ever since I can remember. At 5, I was already baking my own cakes and I was learning how to cook properly. At 16, I went to the chef school in my hometown. I spent 2 years going to school and working at a restaurant before finally graduating. I even got the chance to be a chef in Sydney (Bondi Beach), Australia. It was one of the best times of my life. Living in Bondi Beach, picking up my coffee at the restaurant every morning, then going to the beach and starting my shift — this was a paradise way of life.

Getting onto the music, how was it like collaborating with Aloe Blacc on “Never Growing Up”?

Well, it was a dream come true. Aloe and I were introduced by a friend, and the collaboration was born just like that. A few months later, we were performing in France for one of the biggest music TV shows on French national TV, La Fête de la Musique. I have learned a lot from the days we spent in Nice together. I have so much respect for him and I am still really proud that I have had the chance to work with him on this anthem. Who knows, maybe we are gonna end up working on more soon.

Is there a meaning behind the track?

Definitely. When I wrote this track with my songwriter and best friend ‘Christon’, we were at my house in Nancy in the northeast of France. Every year, we have a ritual of sorts. Chris comes from the Netherlands the week of the 14th of July (Bastille Day) and we would write new music. We put the whole studio outside and work in front of the forest like that for a week. It was so inspiring. (Have a look here by clicking on this link).

So, one of these days, I came up with the first version of NGU that I made a few years ago, with the idea to talk about my traveling story. I travelled a lot during 2013/2014 in Australia, Thailand, Bali, and many other countries. When I returned to France, I quickly moved to the south of France where I spent almost four years. But, I was missing my family and friends so I decided to move back to Nancy. ‘We’re maybe getting older but we ain’t never growing up’ — that’s what I felt when I came back. The meaning of this song is about this story. No matter how long or how far you will be from the ones you love, at the end you always come back. I’m really proud of this song!

Aside from creating and releasing videos for “Cooking With Chef Koss”, are you currently producing new music content as well?

A LOT! I spent the first month of lockdown finishing all the songs I’ve recorded during my sessions last year in London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. I’ve got so many singles ready now. The first to come is a big collaboration for the summertime, and my next solo single is coming with another big dream feature, probably around July. I cannot wait to show the world all the songs I have made and all the new stories I wrote.

Before everything in life got put on hold due to current world events, what was the last show or festival you performed at?

Earlier this year, I played at a friend’s birthday. He had asked me to play some records and it was really cool and fun. I am turning 30 this week and had planned to do a big party this weekend with my family and friends where I would play some songs as well. But of course, I had to delay that until next year. I am really excited to get back on the festival circuit playing some of my news songs!

Image Courtesy: Mathieu Koss

Getting back to the food, what dish are you planning on making next for “Cooking With Chef Koss”?

I am planning to share all the recipes I have created myself or the ones I learned during my traveling. For instance, I was making a really good cheesecake in Sydney, or since summer is around the corner I have been making a lot of salad. Every year, I am creating new recipes so I have a lot to share.

Which cuisines do you enjoy eating and cooking aside from French cuisine?

I love Indian, Japanese, or Thai cuisine. I truly love Asian cuisines — they have so many different dishes and they are always full of emotion.

Where is the first place that you would love traveling to once everything gets fully better again?

BALI! Well, I was supposed to go for two weeks of holidays with my family last March but we had to delay to next year due to the virus. To be honest, I think the first place I will go to is Amsterdam. All my team is out there and we have a lot of good news to celebrate. That being said, I might go there for a weekend with my girlfriend and enjoy some museums and pancakes.

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