Miane: House DJ/Producer Who Beautifully Blends Genres

Miane, who just released her latest track "For One Night" last Friday, is currently on her latest US tour.

Miane is a house DJ/producer from the beautiful, world-famous Spanish paradise that is Ibiza. For nearly a decade, Miane has enhanced her musical craft as a DIY artist who crafts house music alongside some of its unique subgenres and other influential genres that have shaped house music into an genre that is loved by many people globally today. As a result, Miane has become a DJ/producer who can create diverse sounds through beautiful, ingenious production skills, mixing the retro with the modern.

Just last Friday, Miane released her newest single, “For One Night“. This track has all the rhythms that complement the grooves a person can possess on the dance floor, no matter if it is a nightclub, a small party, or an international music festival. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Miane as she discussed her latest track, her ongoing tour, and also the genres that play important factors in the creation of her own musical style.

Ken Ngo: Hi Miane, how has the summer been treating you over the past couple months?

Miane: Hello, the truth is that I’ve been entertained, I did two tours to the USA, and right now I’m on my third visit in the summer. I’m currently on my ‘For One Night Tour’, my latest single released on Black Book Records.

You are based in the world-famous paradise that is Ibiza. How does Ibiza compared to other top international destinations, especially for those that are popular locations for electronic music fans, such as Miami, Sydney, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Berlin?

Well, each place has their own charm. You can’t compare them to each other because each one has its own culture, and with the choice you have made for me they are quite different haha.

Ibiza has a very warm sound, although I could tell you that being one of the most international places, it has a mix of everything, and that’s one of the things I like most about it.

You recently released your latest single, “For One Night”. What does the track do for anyone who listens to it? Is there a background story behind the track?

I usually make my tracks to carry a story. Unconsciously, it always talks about love haha, I think it’s something humans will always agree on, who hasn’t had their heart broken once, who doesn’t miss someone?

Well…not all of them are about love, but quite a few haha!

Miane One EDM interview
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“For One Night” is a track that incorporates many of your current and past musical influences. Do you feel like there are any significant similarities between your current musical style and the style that you had when you started your career in the beginning of the last decade?

Sometimes I listen to my early tracks and I I can tell how my style was building at that time. I have no problem saying that getting your sound is hard, especially if you are a person like me who is never satisfied. Pandemic made me get to know myself and know what my true style is and I think “For One Night” is the perfect example.

Your current style of music is blending house music’s beautiful diversity of subgenres (one example being found in “For One Night”). How did you start thinking about diving more into house music production?

I love house music, I love vocals and one of my goals is to produce music with singers. I’ve always been drawn to that field, and that’s what I’m working on now.

When you listen to old school house, soul music from the ’90s, and R&B, does listening to music from those genres give you more ideas in what to incorporate in your tracks?

Actually, the ideas come from what I have already been listening to for years. The vocal repetitions, the grooves I do with vocal cuts…I think you can see in my tracks where I’m coming from and what I’ve been listening to.

When you listen to those genres in a personal manner, how do you feel inside?

It’s like reconnecting with my childhood.

I listen to 2000’s R&B because it makes me disconnect from everything and ‘Soul’ makes me connect with my younger self, my grandfather always played me on his record player when I visited him.

You are currently on your “For One Night” Tour. Which locations have you been or are excited to perform at?

I debuted in Canada, I was really looking forward to it. I’ve never been to Canada and I now visited: Montreal, Toronto, Salmo. It was amazing.

I’m also visiting: San Bernardino, Long Pong, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas and more!  What can I say! This is the best year of my life so far!

This tour will end on September 18 when you will headline with Chris Lake at Marquee in Las Vegas. Do you have any more international touring plans after that?

Yes! I have several dates in Spain and England. Afterwards, we will resume in October for the return to the USA.

For anyone who is planning to visit Ibiza one day, what do you recommend for everyone to make sure they do while they’re in Ibiza?

They need to visit as many beaches as possible in Ibiza as well as Formentera (small island next to Ibiza). There are small towns, get to know the local traditions. You can’t leave Ibiza and say you’ve been if you’ve seen nothing but partying. Ibiza is a paradise.

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