Mike Candys Talks About “All My Friends” and Plans For 2021

Talented masked producer Mike Candys from Switzerland is one to look out for in the international dance music industry

With a remarkable catalogue of chart-topping records clocked on some of the biggest labels in the business, platinum-selling Swiss artist Mike Candys has become something of a force to be reckoned with over the course of his illustrious decade-long career. Now, and with two huge singles under his belt already this year in the form of “Darkness” and “Wellerman”, the über-talented masked producer continues his impressive run of 2021 form with the release of his latest single, “All My Friends“.

Mike Candys released “All My Friends” on March 5, 2021 via highly-reputable Swiss imprint and Sirup Music subsidiary S2 Records. “All My Friends” sees Mike Candys pull out all the stops once again, for what’s arguably one of the biggest records of his career to date. A melodic high-octane future rave anthem brimming with syncopated big-room synths, deep baselines and frenetic percussion across its duration. This is Mike Candys at his very best. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Mike Candys as he discussed about “All My Friends” and what he has in store for this coming year. Also, stream and download the awesome “All My Friends” now by clicking on this link.

Kenny Ngo: How is Switzerland doing now during this pandemic?

Mike Candys: Pretty much like most other European countries. Lockdowns, restaurants and clubs closed, as well as gyms. Also, masks are seen everywhere. The measures are not as hard as in other countries but still have a big impact on our lives and in my opinion are completely pointless.

As the pandemic is winding down due to widespread vaccine distribution, are you planning to perform at any upcoming music festivals or concerts?

No, since nobody knows if this vaccine is gonna have an impact on the spread of the virus and all the big festivals in Europe have been postponed for fall. I guess they won’t even take place in 2021.

Speaking of which, do you remember the last music event you performed at?

Yes, it was a club (Globull) in Switzerland in July 2020. I played this club already 20 times, it’s one of my favourites in Switzerland. The restrictions were a maximum of 400 people and the mood was a little bit down. Overall though, it was a cool night.

Now onto recent music, you released your latest single, “All My Friends”, on March 5th. A couple weeks have passed, what do you think of its release so far?

I’m excited about the great response from other DJs. That track has been played in many radio shows (David Guetta, Ferry Corsten, R3HAB etc..) and already entered Beatport Bigroom Top10 Charts.

How did you conducted the production process of “All My Friends”?

Since David Guetta and Morten started the Future Rave thing last year, i wanted to combine the bigroom/rave sounds with my signature pumpin’ electro-house style. That is how I came up with “All My Friends”.

The song came out on EDX’s S2 Recordings imprint. How is it like working with the imprint?

I’m working with S2 Recordings since many years and we have a very good collaboration. I have my studio inhouse at their headquarter, so we’re pretty fast when it comes to setting up releases etc. We’re all working together on a professional but also friendship basis. Besides the job at the studio and label, we also do BBQ and birthdy parties etc together.

Have you ever gotten to collaborate with EDX in the past?

Not yet.

You have been in the dance music industry for over 20 years. What do you think about your music style back in 2000 compared to your music style now?

I think my style didn’t atually change that much. Only my production skills got significantly better (I hope).

Do you have any upcoming music plans in terms of track/album/EP releases?

Since there are not going to be a lot of shows in 2021 for me, I focus on producing music. We plan to release about 15 tracks this year.

What is the one thing that you want to see happen at the end of 2021?

I would want to see the end of the measures and a return to the old normal.

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