MindGazm Discuss 2020 and New EP, ‘Sensual Guidance’

MindGazm's latest EP, 'Sensual Guidance', came out on December 17, 2020 via Symphonic

Blossoming NYC-based duo MindGazm return to the release radar with an intriguing four-track EP, Sensual Guidance. The latest offering from MindGazm effortlessly fuses smooth funk, rock sensibilities, and mesmerizing electronic elements. The duo has created a unique signature sound that doesn’t adhere to the confines of any one genre.

Creating an immersive experience with their music, the creative forces behind MindGazm combine experimental visual art alongside their genre-blending releases. Out now via Symphonic, the Sensual Guidance EP is available to download and stream across streaming platforms. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with MindGazm as they shared their thoughts on this whole year and about their latest EP.

Kenny Ngo: 2020 is ending soon. What do you think about this whole year?

MindGazm: It was a year like no other. A tough year for everyone, especially performers and musicians, but in every problem there is opportunity. We were able to make this year work for MindGazm. We started streaming regularly and got signed by the legendary House label Trax and released an EP called ‘One Funky Evening’.

This new Sensual Guidance EP is another great opportunity that we signed with Symphonic and are very excited to be releasing. With four EPs released as well as an amazing opportunity to perform at Elements Festival, 2020 has been difficult but full of opportunities!

What were the positives and negatives about this year that you guys had experienced?

The negatives of course is all of the people who fell ill and especially ones that passed. I know a few and it really has been tragic. I found music to be the ultimate tool for dealing with the difficulties. After that, losing the ability to gather and perform has been the second most difficult thing so far this year.

On the positive side being under quarantine has made us very creative and productive. I feel strongly all musicians and artists are going through a renaissance of sorts. When things stabilize, I feel we will see something similar to what happened in Europe after the Black Death ravaged it. An emergence of new art music and philosophy.

Onto the music, you have just release your latest EP, Sensual Guidance. What is the most unique thing about this EP in comparison to your past releases?

This EP really tests our spectrum of genre bending. We really try to stay true to our love of the melodic deep house genre. But as is with most of our releases the genre bending aspect of MindGazm tends to slip in and tell a different story. With this release we really want the listener to be taken by a storyline of the music itself.

How was the production process of the EP from start to finish?

As with all MindGazm releases, it started with an idea. A guide for sensuality with a four-track EP serving as a manual of sorts to help the listener in sensory self discovery.

The tracks in the EP are the EP’s self-titled headlining track, “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, “Sympathy”, and “Sound Melody”. Which track was the most emotional to produce?

I think “Sympathy” was the most emotional track to produce. It’s really a picture of how everything  that is going on makes us feel as one human race. We run from ourselves and nature, but the natural order always catches up with us. This song is an attempt to express sympathy for our struggle now and for all the times.

Will the fans get to see new music from you guys in 2021?

We will continue to release a lot of music as we have produced so much content over the last 6 months that we have enough to release for a year. We will continue to observe and produce because there is no greater pleasure.

Speaking of 2021, with the vaccines now approved to come out, it looks music festivals and concerts are on the road to start up again. Will you guys perform at any music festivals or go on tour next year?

We have big plans to get on the bills of major festivals including Ultra, BPM, and EDC, but I think the road back will not be easy. We recently played the Elements Festival and it was amazing to see people dancing again. This festival had a double-Covid test to make things safe for everyone.

For anyone who doesn’t know much about you guys and your music, how did the MindGazm duo came to be?

MindGazm started as a jazz rock fusion band and progressed into melodic deep house productions with live instruments and visuals. We found that both of our elements as a DJ/VJ duo with live instruments really created an edge in the sound and performance in the EDM community.

What were your lives like before starting your music careers?

Without music, I would say our lives were dull. Just kidding! We were together for 3 years before we started working on music together. We found everything we do together comes out better. Better quality, farther reaching, and well liked by all sorts of people. It seems working together and melding our talents really created MindGazm.

What is your biggest hope for 2021?

I hope that COVID subsides and music and live events make a comeback. There is no greater church than a festival or a live dance event, it’s pure magic. We also hope that our further releases on TRAX and Symphonic will help us get traction in the EDM charts. So keep your eye out for us!

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