Mindsight Aims to Make a Stand for Munich’s Music Scene

Young Munich-based DJ/producer Mindsight has gained a lot of leadership experience

Mindsight is the experimental electronic music project of Joshua Neumann from Munich, Germany. Mindsight is only in his early twenties but he has already developed strong leadership skills. The young music producer is an integral curator and organizer of the German underground music scene.

Mindsight has co-founded “United We Stream“, a campaign to support Berlin club venues thrive during quarantine, and organized “Die Vielen“, an alliance of┬ámore than 3,000 Institutions from high culture. Mindsight’s most-recent track, “Trojan Matter“, incorporated itself into DJ Sasha’s sets and received support from This Song Is Sick. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Mindsight, who just released his newest single “Wake Up Call” today. Download and stream it now by clicking on this link.

Kenny Ngo: Hello Josh, is everything been going well for you lately?

Mindsight: At the moment we are fortunate to have a usable multifunctional space for our projects together with the collective Common Ground in the interim use, Gabriele. In addition, we have financial support from the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. From this perspective, I feel very privileged and fulfilled at the moment.

How is Munich doing so far with the pandemic?

Munich is in a passive lockdown, only shops that serve consumption are open, which I personally find very unfortunate and unjustified. During Summer we had very low new infection rates and even the possibility to hold events with up to 200 people in public places again.

Recently, the city decided to close all libraries and cultural education services, but scientific libraries of the universities remain open. The numbers are slowly decreasing despite the winter. The state could adopt much more sensible measures, it always seems like a reactionary decision-making policy.

Earlier this year, you recently co-founded “United We Stream”, which is an effort to help the Berlin club scene thrive during the COVID-19 quarantine. What is the current situation for “United We Stream” at this moment in regards to its mission in supporting Berlin nightclubs?

“United We Stream” kicked off another season of streams in November in partnership with German national broadcast channel ARTE after a break during the summer for the German program. On the other hand, there’s a lot of international club networks that are using the UWS framework in 100+ cities worldwide. The political format “United We Talk” covers social issues worldwide is hosting a few episodes in December as well including great guests.

Prior to that, you also organized “Die Vielen”, which is an alliance of more than 3000 Institutions from high culture to the independent scene to stand up for the freedom of art and diversity, work against right-wing extremism. How did this organization start?

Die Vielen came to life via cultural spaces in Germany. However, those cultural spaces were disturbed by right-wing actors with the goal to build a network, organize joint actions and be a voice in the discourse on progressive culture. What I find exciting about it is a certain absence of hierarchy, solidarity for each other and open networking across borders of institutionalisation.

What are the most common opinions about Die Vielen that people express?

There is a consensus that our initiative is important and receives positive feedback, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a need for many more self-organised initiatives on similar issues.

You had recently been asked to speak to Munich’s City Council regarding artist needs during the pandemic and to protest the involvement of right-wing organizers in art movements. How has the communication been with Munich’s City Council been so far?

The first government subsidies or emergency aid were far too high and far from being practical compared to the new ones that were launched in autumn. The city has an open ear but the administrative structures are too slow to give adequate response to the pandemic and needs of artists, which is a pity.

You also recently contributed a track to PC Music’s Appleville compilation. What is the compilation about?

Appleville was a community project that Parent Company initiated, involving a few friends together with A. G. Cook and his label PC music. In a ‘Battle Of The Bands’ the community got several classic pop songs to cover and showcased them in an online event stream.

Each band had three to four team members that bounced ideas back and forth, i worked together with Himera and jhl – they’re both great, check them out. A. G. picked his favorites, our ‘Stairway To Heaven’ cover is on the compilation. All proceeds go to Mermaids [] & the Black Cultural Archives [].

Additionally, you just released an official remix of BRONSON’s banging track, “Dawn”. How was the production process of the remix like?

The original work already has such a pleasant warmth and direction, I wanted to give the vocals more depth and discontinuities in the progression to create a visualization of depths and highs. The fact that I play DJ sets has also played an important role, with my style being genreless there is a strong mixture of atmospheric parts but also a slightly higher speed than the original. I am very happy to have been given the chance to create my own interpretation.

As 2020 approaches its end, what are your plans for 2021 and beyond?

2021 will be full of experiments, new material and concepts. I will continue to actively use my voice in the discourse on the topics of participation, art and DIY. My goal is to enable sustainability in collective self-administration of creative people for my hometown Munich and in the future beyond.

Since you’re from Munich, are you a Bayern fan or a 1860 fan?

It is difficult for me to take a position on this as I am interested in both teams, however my interest in football is not the highest. Bellevue Di Monaco has built a sports field on their roof, which is a much more interesting project for me. Thinking and implementing utopias.

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