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One EDM had the chance to sit down with Christian Bauhofer, also known as Minnesota, bass music producer and DJ. Christian is having a crushing start to 2018 with Outer Realms coming out this week, his own record label. We got some details about that and how he would love to collaborate with none other than Biggie Smalls.


OneEDM: We heard you are putting out your own record label, seems like 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for you. What goes into curating your own label “Outer Realms”?

Minnesota: Working very closely with my manager on it, he is going to be doing all the day to day stuff and I will do Artist Relations for it. So basically, the goal of the label, is to find a lot of artists that do not have much of a reach or audience. A lot of producers from SoundCloud, that do not have many followers.

I go on SoundCloud looking for songs and there are so many artists I find that no followers but they are insane producers. The goal is to find those types of artists and hopefully bring them some fans and get some really cool unheard music out there then eventually start releasing friend’s music and stuff like that.

Are you primarily going with bass music or will you be reaching out to other sub-genres of EDM?

Most likely all electronic music, not trying to be just a bass music label. I really love chill electronic music too, Id like to release some melodic stuff. Hopefully, a wide variety of music is the goal.

Your first release on Outer Realms is your own track, “Snake Charmer”, tell us about it.

That is the track I am starting the label with, I finished making it a month or two ago, and I sent it to some friends and everyone seems to dig it. Its bass music, kind of chill, pretty trippy.

What made you choose that song to release first?

I had like three or four unreleased songs, this one seemed to be the one everyone really enjoyed. One of the biggest reasons to start this label is to release my music and put it out constantly. I have had good experiences working with labels, but you always have to do it far in advance. With this, I can just do it when I want and put out music as quick as possible.

You mentioned more “chill” music, but when you’re not making music, what is your favorite genre of music to listen to?

I listen to a lot of Sirus, my girlfriend listens to the jazz station a lot, we also enjoy the 40s junction, old swing music.

Yes, XMFLY, which is like the 90s and 2000s hip hop and r&b!

Yes! I love XM Fly! We also really dig the 60s and 70s channel.

Do you plan your sets according to who plays before and after you, time of day, or the city you are playing in?

Yes, all of that. So for today, I only have to worry about before and after if I am opening for someone; like a big artist, you cannot go too hard. It also depends on where you are, for Atlanta and Denver is different, west coast. I take them all into account when planning a set. Atlanta is probably my best market and place to play. Its where I have my biggest fan base. So, I go through my older catalog and my newer stuff. I try to pick out songs that I know my longtime fans will want to hear. When I am doing sets every week I just go through older sets and throw stuff together. For bigger festivals, I take my time and really plan. It takes a few days, so that’s a lot of time away from producing.

Who are some of your favorite artists to share the stage with, festival or smaller events?

Actually, a lot of the people playing today. Like Space Jesus, Jasha we’ve been friends for a while. It’s the nicest, coolest dude ever. Also, Buku is playing today, I love Rob. G Jones, I’ve known Greg for a long time and haven’t seen him in a while. Unfortunately, I have to miss his set. There’s a lot of friends playing today, straight homie festival.

Do you set your own visuals for your sets or do you have the venues preset them?

We actually just started to work with custom visuals about six months ago. Today we bought out a VJ with all the visual content. I just started working with him but he’s good, he definitely knows. I had him out for my Atlanta show in December. It’s a new thing now, that I have custom visual content with a VJ who knows the flow of the set rather than just a random festival VJ.

Do you like that better than just whatever preset visuals?

Now I do, it depends, I’m just trying to find a good VJ I can bring to shows. This guy seems like the one. I am hoping before the big Fall 2018 tour to really sit down with him and perfect it. He’s really good on the fly. For example, G Jones, his visuals are crazy and perfect.

In life and in music, what would you say your biggest struggles are and how have they shaped you into who you are today?

The last few years, up until about a year ago were rough. I was having a lot of trouble writing music and figuring out what I wanted to do. It is very hard, the up and down of the music industry. I’ve seen it happen to so many artists. Now I am at a point where it doesn’t matter what happens now in my career, I am finally happy in my personal life.

If you could go b2b with any musician, any genre, dead or alive who would it be?

Biggie would be pretty cool, of course. When I was in High school I loved Led Zeppelin, so Jimmy Page or Robert Plant. I saw a video where Biggie was screaming at his DJ while they were playing a show. I guess it was a really hot and the vinyls were melting. He keeps trying to rap and he keeps going off time because of it.

That about wraps it up, any last words?

Just like we spoke about, launching the label Outer Realms, it should be cool. It comes out on Tuesday… I think.

Check out Minnesota’s label Outer Realms, May 16, 2018 with the release of Snake Charmer.

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