Muzi Discusses ‘INTERBLAKTIC’ Album and Upcoming Music Plans

Muzi is a South African DJ/producer and rapper/singer who will become an international music superstar with his own innovative style of music.

Muzi is a rapper, singer, producer, and DJ coming from South Africa. This young artist is also a rising, future international star with his unique style of music. This style of music from Muzi combines South Africa’s exciting brand of house music, traditional South African music genres, pop, and hip-hop. Muzi just recently headlined his top-notch, world-class North American tour.

Muzi released his latest album, INTERBLAKTIC, late last year and it is an influence from his journey into the European dance music culture (particularly in Berlin and Paris). The album also reflects on Muzi’s own story as it describes a young man’s journey into Mars, returning home, and realizing the importance of love. Here is the exclusive interview with Muzi, the fantastic artist who have collaborated with the likes of Stormzy, Kaytranada, and Damon Album of The Gorillaz. Additionally, Chris Martin of Coldplay is also a fan of Muzi as well.

Ken Ngo: Hello Muzi, how are you doing? How has the first half of 2022 been treating you?

Muzi: Hey, I’m good. First half has been great. Creative juices have been flowing, so that’s good.

You were recently on your North American tour. What was the most exciting thing that had happened for you on this tour?

Meeting people. That’s been the best part for me, seeing how far the music actually travels. It’s one thing to comment on a post, it’s another when people actually show up to the gigs, so that has been super eye-opening for me.

Onto the music, your nickname is “Zulu Skywalker”. How did the nickname appear?

I did a song on my Afrovision album called “Zulu Skywalker” and people started calling me that so I ran with it.

Regarding your style of your music, it is an innovative mix of house music with local South African genres and traditions, bubblegum pop from South Africa, and electronic minimalism. Why did you decide on that unique mix as your style of music?

I think the music kinda decided for itself and I followed. Still don’t know what to call it, I just know it’s really good.

How did you get your start in your music career?

I used to produce for artists back at home, then I figured I’d DJ because that way I could “perform” my beats. A friend of mine, Rob Perreira gave me my first gig in 2013 in a place called Arcade Empire in Pretoria. Haven’t stopped since.

You just recently released your latest album, INTERBLAKTIC, late last year. What are the notable sounds and tracks of the album that you recommend the fans to check out?

Because it’s a body of work, I recommend people to listen to the whole thing as such. Every track feeds into the next. It’s a whole spectrum that album. Singling out one song would somewhat stunt the whole sonic experience.

What are the differences that stand out between this album and your past musical creations?

Interblaktic is more dance oriented. Played around in my house-music bag a lot more than in previous projects.

Do you have any more musical plans in the second half of this year? And maybe in 2023 and beyond as well?

I’m heading back into the studio and start working on the next projects. I think before the next album drop, I’m going to do a few collaborative singles and EP. Hopefully before the year is out and then 2023 we drop the album, but I’ll see because I want to take my time with these next projects.

Where do you see yourself in five years and/or 10 years?

A great father.

Which music festivals in South Africa do you recommend international fans to check out in the future?

“Rocking the Daisies” and “Genesis All Black” are great ones because it’s a mix of genres. Would be a good way to tell where the pulse of South African music is. With that said, there’s a lot of parties coming through like Vogue Nights, KOP and Street Fest.

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