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Many people in Atlanta have been whispering about NOA/AON, who has made quite an entrance to the EDM scene. The time has come to understand better the concept that the DJ is bringing to the stage.

NOA/AON’s real name is Pavel Stuchlik. OneEDM was personally invited to attend his album release party for TRANS//CEN/DANCE at Gold Room in Atlanta, Georgia on January 13, 2018.



Pavel Stuchlik discusses learning the Roman Lyre, incorporating scientific studies in his new live performance, and spending ten days of darkness in Thailand.

OneEDM: For this exclusive interview during NOA/AON launch, Pavel, can you please tell us how to pronounce your name?

Pavel: NOA/AON, or ‘No-Aon.’ NOA stands for ‘movement’ and AON is the opposite of that. It means ‘all or none.’ My bigger mission is when you connect the two, you have the duality of our personalities. That is why I put it together. Personally, I love going crazy, but I also like trance, light, and chill, and that middle line connects them.

Self Reflection

OneEDM: You are a pretty spiritual person. You are into Yoga, the owner of Atmosphere, and you are a professional cyclist. It seems like you have a huge skill set, so how did you progress from that to know music?

Pavel: I have always loved music. Ever since I was maybe 12 or 13 years old, I was making music in Europe. That was my passion, but I was also an athlete, which made it tough to pursue due to the schedule and as an athlete you need your sleep. I got sick later on as an athlete, so I had to stop cycling professionally and started to pursue business.

At 17 I started my first company, and it was just because I could not make enough money to survive and support myself after cycling, so I had to go that way. There were three different periods in my life.

First, I was like ‘I do not want to be the next Tour De France winner.’ For what? Great ego? What else is out there, you know? The second was business. I was in the frozen yogurt business, the chain Tutti Fruity. I thought I didn’t want to make people fat, so that is when I opened up Orange Theory chains. The third step was what am I going to do? Open up hundreds of Orange Theories? For what? That is when I switched back to music, sharing my energy with the crowd.

Czech To Atlanta

OneEDM: Being from the Czech Republic, you then moved around a bit in the states from Florida to Colorado to Hawaii to now Georgia.

Pavel: Started in Florida due to Orange Theory, then moved to Colorado to open up some locations and that is where I met my wife. We moved to follow the largest markets, which Atlanta ended up being number one in the country.

OneEDM: What about Atlanta compelled you to stay even after Orange Theory? What else about Atlanta have you come to love and stay?

Pavel: To be honest, I have been trying to get out of Atlanta for a while, but there is always something else that keeps me coming back. Now because I have built such a business audience, for example, we are sold out on tables tonight because of all of my connections.

Athletics + Music

OneEDM: Going back to your cycling career. What lessons did you learn as an athlete that you are applying to your music career path?

Pavel: Endurance, there is nothing that can stop me. If I fail, I have to get back up and finish, no matter what, even if you are bloody. You got to keep on going. For me, it is easier right now because I do not have to suffer as I did out there every day or week while being a professional cyclist riding a bike seven hours a day. And do not worry what other people say. I am here for myself. Mind your own business.


OneEDM: Getting back to your album Trans//cen/DANCE. It is about the seven different life cycles. How did that come about? Is it something you just had in your head or perhaps a life lesson that got you there?

Pavel: Yeah, actually it is kind of deep. I read this book called Future of Love, and that is what inspired me. It is about seven stages of love, but what I saw was really seven stages of life because you can use it anywhere.

Let’s start with first stage: Romance. The song name is “Feels.” It is all about that falling in love, the butterflies, the ‘I don’t care about anything but love.’

Stage two is Commitment. The song is “Devotion.”

The third is Crossroads. I do not see this as the beginning, who are you, you start seeing each other more.

The fourth stage is Ordeal. I call it “Take Your Chance” because it is up and down, up and down. You question if this is the right thing, the right relationship.

Fifth is Intervention or “Collapse,” that is where you make it or break it. You either stay or go.

The sixth is Surrender. It is the higher way of life. Now it is not about me, me, me. It becomes we, we, we.

The seventh stage is United or “True Love” where nothing else matters; you are there just for the good of all. You will see this in the video. We are one. It is a very powerful message behind it.

Music Projects

OneEDM: Tell us about the concept of the video and the NOA/AON experience.

Pavel: Yeah, in this exclusive interview during NOA/AON launch, I hope to explain the experience people will feel by attending my shows. We will have live instruments, that is Ritchie (trombone), several others from drummers to guitars. My goal is once we get bigger is to bring a full production, especially for festivals. Fire performers, circus performers, anything that will help the experience.

OneEDM: You are also working on another project that is scientifically based. Tell us more about that and what to expect?

Pavel: I am using the exclusive interview during NOA/AON launch along with special album release parties such as this one at Gold Room for content as a way to get to the next level. I am going to take a lot longer than I thought to achieve the next project. I hired psychologists and neuroscientists from Europe to America, and we are putting together a structure of sound that will literally be determined by what is going on in your brain and blood. That is coming up.

OneEDM: Do you have a date in mind or deadline for that?

Pavel: What we are doing now is we are flying to Europe to finish the tracks by Miami Music Week, so we are hoping to release a preview. But I just do not know. It is complicated because it is determined by how well the brain is responding.

Live Shows

OneEDM: Speaking of world travels, you just got back from Costa Rica. Will we hear any influence in your music from places you have traveled?

Pavel: Absolutely. One of the biggest breakthroughs I have had is I spent ten days in complete darkness in Thailand. A lot of the sounds will be coming from there. I am bringing ancient instruments back to life. Like the Roman Lyre, no one uses it anymore. This is the first time I have mentioned this and what I give to your listeners in this exclusive interview with NOA/AON concept. We are going to be recording these sounds and adding them to the next music singles.

OneEDM: What differentiates you when being compared to other shows?

Pavel: I am not just a DJ, I am bringing an experience. One that is life-changing. It gives people a reason to want to come out and see. Everything is intentional, even the album. I do not want just to release another song. My goal is to have meaning behind everything I do.


OneEDM: Do you also play any instruments?

Pavel: I have been training with different instrumentalists, so I have done everything from singing to a piano. I have also been training on Ableton and Logic.

OneEDM: How did you meet these musicians?

Pavel: Ritchie has been behind all of my videos. He is also an artist, so we need to work together on more projects.

OneEDM: What was your first impression or experience of Electronic Dance Music and what about it inspired you to pursue that?

Pavel: The collectiveness. My biggest thing behind this is the number of people you can affect on a large scale. The goal is to bring this NOA/AON experience to a large audience like music festivals. I have all of these simple exercises that people can do while we are live. To me, the whole thing is unifying the world as one. Like Michael Jackson. I want to do that in this outlet.

Also, if you look at it, it can also be kind of dark. A lot of the scene with it is drugs among the younger crowd. But I think this younger crowd can be the most influential for the future that we can influence. If we can show them that you do not have to resort to that, you can actually use music as an amazing platform for modern good. I do not do this for money or fame. I do it to influence people positively.

Pavel on set


OneEDM: You have played in a lot of different cities, a few festivals such as Imagine Music Festival and Burning Man. Was that your first time being at Burning Man?

Pavel: Yes, it was crazy. First time at Burning Man and I also performed there. How the heck am I going to pull this off?

OneEDM: What were the challenges? How did you prepare? What did you learn?

Pavel: Go there, stay and play in front of thousands was the hardest because you do not get to sleep.

OneEDM: What was your camp’s theme?

Pavel: I did several. The infinite love camp, which I performed my breathing Yoga-fitness thing. Then I did Synergy Café and performed in a bi-plane.

OneEDM: Are there any other experiences on your to-do list?

Pavel: Taking this experience to a consistent festival scene. That is really my next check on my list. Let us put it this way, I have done business on multiple continents and have ridden bikes on multiple continents. I want to travel and make music on multiple continents.

OneEDM: Do you already have other cities laid out for your tour?

Pavel: Costa Mesa is next, which is the week of January 15. I am working in Miami, and I may be in Europe and Asia next before I come back to the U.S.

OneEDM: Any plans to be at ADE?

Pavel: Yes, I will be at that.

OneEDM: Anything else you would like to share? Any other skills we do not know about?

Pavel: I am a father of two. I think that is the hardest part.

The mystery of NOA/AON has been revealed and will leave you with more questions. There is no doubt that Pavel will be one to follow. Check out his latest release below!

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