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OneEDM interviews NOA | AON

Pavel Stuchlik (aka NOA | AON) is a young entrepreneur that hit the ground running at full speed. In addition to his excelling music career, he also has an investment in the company Orange Theory Fitness. Pavel has one goal in mind: to bring joy, freedom, celebration, and confidence to his audience.

Pavel Stuchlik (aka NOA | AON)
Pavel Stuchlik

Wanting to create what he calls, “the modern healing music,” Pavel has witnessed firsthand what scientifically calculated audio stimuli can do to trigger both emotions and physical reactions in participants. Pavel Stuchlik now embarks on the latest phase of his ever-morphing career. By all means, he is armed with financial resources that will present him the opportunity to bring his message of reinvigoration, acceptance, and unity to the masses through electronic music.  Moreover, as Stuchlik sees it, he is going beyond what other commercially popular electronic dance music (EDM) DJs routinely do.

Indeed, Pavel Stuchlik goal is to “create the modern good.”  With this intention, he approaches sound from the mindset of a holistic healer. Stuchlik is able to conjure rapturous swells of ecstasy with listeners when he DJs. In fact, he previously worked with teams of scientists from Berlin to create a full-length album of uplifting, therapeutic music. Based on the latest insights provided by the field of neuroscience, Stuchlik aims to create music that literally has the power to cure.

With Pavel Stuchlik’s divestiture from OrangeTheory Fitness complete, NOA | AON is fully formed. NOA | AON has performed at nightclubs in Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Honolulu and beyond. Furthermore, NOA | AON has performed at the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada (where he played a total of seven sets), and Imagine Festival in Hampton, Georgia. Many more live shows will be announced soon. NOA | AON is a connector. For example, people often ask: Is he an entrepreneur? Is he a professional athlete?IA DJ/producer? Is he a family man? To explain, there can only be one answer, which is, “All of the above.” Truly, the metamorphosis from Pavel Stuchlik to NOA | AON is now complete.

Pavel Stuchlik (NOA | AON)

The Czech native took time out of his busy schedule to share with OneEDM his influences, hopes, and plans for the future.

Here is our interview with Pavel Stuchlik:

OneEDM: What’s the story behind your name NOA | AON, how did you come up with it?

NOA | AON (real name, Pavel Stuchlik): I wanted something powerful as I believe intention sets everything. Also, it describes the duality of life or the dual personality we all hold. NOA means movement. AON stands for, “all or none.” The line in the middle is the “zero state” where duality does not exist and all meet in the true power of now.

OneEDM: Was there a song or time that just made everything come together, and in that moment, you knew you wanted to be a DJ?

Pavel Stuchlik: Yes, I went into what’s known as a dark room retreat, in Thailand, where I stayed for 10 days with no food nor light. Only water. I truly was able to reflect on who I am and who I want to be. It came to me. This is what I love the most. Music unites people.

OneEDM: What do you want people to feel and hear from your music? What is the message you are sending to listeners?

Pavel Stuchlik: I want to send them feelings of joy, freedom, celebration, and confidence.

OneEDM: When you are making new music, what is your process?

Pavel Stuchlik: I always like to look at the structure first. Since this album – it’s titled trans//cen//DANCE – is very intentional, it was all basing it on what I want to translate into the sound. But typically, I’d go on a long Spotify trip and see elements that inspire me. Or, I go into a deep state of meditation and breathing at home during which time I can get ideas.

OneEDM: Where is the one place you feel most at peace with yourself?

Pavel Stuchlik: Nature or anywhere I can feel the natural elements, with no cars, the city smells or sounds, etc.

OneEDM: If you could go back and tell your younger self-anything what would it be and why?

Pavel Stuchlik: Relax, trust and move forward. I used to take things so seriously and personally. My biggest love for life now is the non-attachment. I set goals, but if I don’t reach them, they don’t define me as a failure. I take it as an opportunity for growth. Back then, I would be so easily disappointed.

OneEDM: What things inspire you to make music?

Pavel Stuchlik: What inspires me is the number of people getting together as one, especially at music festivals. I see it as huge opportunity to send out a message to the world of how we can be amazing as one, not separate. Music is such a huge part of life and where else would I want to be?

OneEDM: How do you explain your music your sound to someone that hasn’t heard it before?

Pavel Stuchlik: My current album is future-bass oriented with a trance component. If you never heard it before, it will still move you from a deep, emotional state to partying your ass off. [laughs]

OneEDM: I know you have a lot of businesses. Is there any part of them that give to a nonprofit or charity that you would like more people to be aware of?

Pavel Stuchlik: All the time. From “Sweat Angeles,” which we had in every location donating to different charities, to other major charities around the world.

OneEDM: Who is your favorite DJ whom you have yet to meet?

Pavel Stuchlik: Above & Beyond or smaller artists like Blond:ish, or the people behind AEONIX. Their music inspires me tremendously.

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