O Music Recordings – Otto Orlandi / One EDM

  1. Welcome Otto, you are head of the respected Italian O Music Recordings, how did you come to first launch the label?
    First of all I’d like to thank you guys for having this interview with me today. I have always been passionate about music with a preponderance towards electronic music. I spent my teenage days working at several clubs in the Milan area as a DJ and LJ. After graduating high school, I decided to embrace my passion and start a career in the music world. So I went and got my degree in sound design and I started my own company under the O Music brand.
  2. How has it been, having full creative control over your releases & schedule?
    I think that is probably on of the best aspects of having your own label and management companies. I can manage the creative process in a way that best suits my needs. I personally think that it is better to spend a longer time span on a track before its release so I can truly perfect it. You could say that ”quality over quantity” is our motto.
  3. O Music has been behind a number of big singles in recent times, which has been the highlight for you?
    I believe that, up until now, ‘Don’t Miss You’ featuring the multi-platinum vocalist Melanie Fontana & the Swedish duo Many Few has been our most successful release. The track peaked at number 7 in the Italian iTunes top 100 and racked up over two million plays on Spotify!
  4. What’s the scene like in your homeland right now?
    At the moment, the EDM scene in Italy isn’t as vibrant as it is in the U.S. or some other countries. However, it has recently shown signs of growth and I have great hopes it will become prominent in the next few years.
  5. You’re also a highly sought after ghost producer, how do you manage your varying workload & label duties?
    I think time management is always the key to have a productive business career. I am extremely careful when it comes to planning my schedule and workload and so far it seems to be working efficiently. I also make sure I leave some time for myself to relax and recharge, as it is an important aspect of keeping your energy always at an optimal level.
  6. O Music offers legal consultancy, what’s the best piece of advice you would offer an aspiring artist?
    I think that aspiring artist should first focus on mastering their craft. At the same time, they should always try to make new connections every day. Networking is probably the most important aspect of this job field.
  7. In addition, O Music delivers a Mix & Mastering service, is this an area you are closely involved in too?
    I personally take care of the mixing and mastering process. But I also take care of an artist’s career management and social media, along with my social media managers. I also am involved in the promo campaign services, as I promote artists’ music to labels and radios worldwide.
  8. And finally, what does 2019 have in store for the label & various aspects of the business you offer?
    I am eagerly looking forward to 2019 as I have several projects that will be completed during the duration of the year. This will include new releases and signed artists that we plan to reveal to the public. I firmly believe this will be the year we will step up the level of the brand O Music as a whole.

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