Onderkoffer Talks About “The Turn Up” and Musical Influences

Onderkoffer's new single "The Turn Up" blends the best of trap, moombahton, and psytrance

Onderkoffer has released a new phenomenal track called “The Turn Up“. Onderkoffer is an accomplished Dutch platinum artist who has garnered over millions of streams worldwide with his hard, addictive music. To emphasize, “The Turn Up” shows off Onderkoffer’s diverse talent and musical taste. Onderkoffer’s “The Turn Up” is out now for download and stream via Trap City and Far East Movement’s joint-label imprint, BrednButter.

“The Turn Up”  seamlessly intertwines a melodic, cinematic break with outer-space vibes throughout the track. It is also contrasted by a massive trap drop and a trademark Onderkoffer-style Moombahton switch. Afterwards, he later includes a massive psytrance drop before reverting to trap and ending the track with a very unique outro. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Onderkoffer, an artist who has also earned great support from the likes of Diplo, Martin Garrix and David Guetta.

Kenny Ngo: You have released your latest track, “The Turn Up”, on Trap City and Far East Movement’s label, BrednButter. What kind of emotions do you hope the track will bring out of anyone who listens it?

Onderkoffer: Definitely a lot of mixed but positive emotions due to the strong contrasts in “The Turn Up”. I want the listeners to have an epic, hopeful feeling during the breaks as if they are charging up to defeat the enemy and save the world. In the drop I want then to release this energy and feel powerful, almost invincible.

In your opinion, what is very unique about “The Turn Up”?

The fact that it combines so many different genres and sounds into one massive track.

The track does have influences from Hans Zimmer and Kanye West, with the break being inspired by the former and the outro sounds much like one that can be found in the latter’s music. Have you planned on sharing the track with those highly-talented artists?

I think these artists are almost unreachable for an artist such as myself, but of course I hope it would somehow reach them and despite what they will think of the track: I’d be honored to have legends such as them listen to my track.

What do you like the most from both Hans Zimmer and Kanye West?

I like how some of Hans Zimmer’s works (such as the Interstellar and Inception soundtracks) consist of a quite simple melody (sometimes even one note) but sound so epic due to the combination of different sounds. As for Kanye West I like how he thinks outside of the box with his productions by combining sounds in a way no one else would, in a way similar to Hans Zimmer.

How is like working with Trap City and Far East Movement so far?

It’s an honor to work with such household names in the industry but we also work very well together due to the fact that they understand and enjoy my music.

What do you like the most about producing trap music?

Definitely the drops, especially when playing it live and seeing the crowd go crazy on it.

According to your Beatport profile, you have created some electro-house tracks in the past. Do you notice any significant similarities and differences between the electro-house tracks you produced and the trap tracks that you have produced as well?

I always try to learn new things/techniques by making music in other genres and I did the same thing by making house. There are definitely certain techniques or rhythms I’ve used in house music that I know combine with my Trap beats. A small example is repeating a small portion of the break at the end of the drop.

Do you have any musical plans in store for 2021?

To continue to drop a lot of music consistently and (hopefully) have bookings again so I can play all these tracks for the crowd!

When the pandemic dies down, where in the world do you want to travel to the most?

100% Tahiti (French Polynesia). I’ve played a show there once before in 2018 and since then, fell in love with the island. Definitely the most beautiful experience I’ve had in my career.

As 2020 is approaching to an end, what is your hope for the beginning of 2021?

To be healthy, surrounded by the people I love and to continue to entertain my fans with my music.

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