One EDM Exclusive Interview with Malaysian DJ Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace: One of Asia's Best Female DJs

Coming from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, Alexis Grace is currently one of Asia‘s top female DJs. Alexis Grace is labelled the #1 Malaysian female DJ and the #8 best female DJ on DJaneMag, an online magazine that is dedicated to the coverage of female DJs around the world. The beautiful and brilliant producer also hosts her own radio show titled “Mamamia” and a live mix stream called “ZOOPHORIA“. Aside from establishing a name for herself in the Kuala Lumpur nightlife scene, she has performed sets in countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Australia, and Hong Kong. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Alexis Grace, an exciting artist who may become a recognizable name among electronic music fans in the West.

Kenny Ngo: How did you start your music career as a DJ?

In the early stages of my life, I was a gymnast, hip hop dancer and a singer. I was already exposed to different genres of music at that time, however the tipping point was when at a rave in Sepang. David Guetta was on stage and at that moment I realised – being a DJ is really cool! We get to play songs that we genuinely enjoy and see how other people enjoy, laugh and dance the night away to your songs; this is what I love to see! I’m a self taught DJ. I took in advices and learned from professional DJs that have been in the music industry for a long time. YouTube was also a huge help. All of these made me who I am today.

How do your friends and family think about your success as one of Asia’s top female DJs? 

My mom is so proud of me, she even talks about me at the morning market! I guess the thought of having a daughter who’s relatively well known pleases her. They were surprisingly supportive! My parents even went to my gigs when i performed and my friends, trust me they were cool and proud of me, and nowadays whenever they need to party they just give me a call to help them to get entries into the parties.

You have your own radio show called “Mamamia”. What do you like about producing the show?

I listen to a lot of music in my free time, there are still many incredible music yet to be discovered. People should not just listen to one genre of music or whatever the radio plays. I came out with the idea of doing my own show because I really love to show them the music that inspired me and keeps me going with my passion.

You also have a live mix stream called “ZOOPHORIA”. Do you have any favorite memories from ZOOPHORIA? 

Zoophoria is a really fun and spontanuous show, we didn’t really plan when to have the next one, we just randomly pick a day, pick some of our current favourite songs. Without any rehearsal, we do have some funny error during the set. There was one particular time, we were all so baked we only found out that the camera wasn’t recording after we are done with set! So we had to replay the set again and we kept forgetting the cue points, it actually took us 2 hours to finish recording a 20 minutes set!

Photo Credit: Vince Khoo

What has been your favorite nightclub that you’d performed in?

Bali Sky Garden, everyone inside was so happy!

What has been your favorite music festival that you’d performed in?

Glow Run Festival, it was a NYE countdown festival. To my surprise, the crowd sang along to many of the songs I played and they were so energetic throughout the whole night! Remark – alcohol was not sold inside this festival, but people still dance and went crazy like they were wasted. Can you even imagine that?

Which music festivals do you want to perform at in the near future? 

Well, so far I did not really think about which festival to play in the future but of course, the bigger the better! HAHA! For now, I just hope that the rave scene in Malaysia is going to get better. Needed more raves to happen in Malaysia and I wish I can have more gigs in my own country and eventually represent Malaysia to perform in the bigger festivals around the world.

Are you planning to create an upcoming EP or album?

Definitely! I’ve been working on some “Alexis Grace” sounds with my home boy. The first single will be released on my soundcloud this month, so stay tuned!

Will you plan to perform shows in the United States in 2020 or beyond?

Yes, definitely would love to. Still working on getting in touch with the promoters there and hopefully I will be performing in the US soon! HAHA!

For any electronic music fans in the West, particularly in the U.S., what nightlife attraction or entertainment venue in Kuala Lumpur do you recommend for them to visit?

Trec and a lot of hip hop bars/clubs. Wet Deck at W Kuala Lumpur Hotel, which has a spectacular view of KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), Zouk Mainroom – the biggest club in the city. If you love chalet bars, you can go to speakeasies/hidden bars such as Skullduggery and PS150 and many more. Any bar that has a nice environment and good drinks. I just found out that there are many clubs and bars yet to open this year so you gotta visit here yourself to find out more interesting places in KL! 

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