What’s been happening in your world?

Thanks for having me, I’m perfect & hustling hard every day, touring non-stop and releasing a ton of music.

What first inspired you into the music industry, way back when?

It was in 1995, I went to an Urban Store and saw a DJ spin for the first time, I was really interested in what he was doing, so I asked him many questions and shortly after started to practice on turntables myself.

You have worked with so many big names, what’s the best part about collaborating?

Learning is the best part; the big names have also learned from others and they took away the best bits – I also love to.

How is ‘Holy Drums’ different from your other tracks?

Holy Drums is a fresh electronic club weapon, I just see how the club crowds grow up/move with the music and at times and I try to adapt my own style, with what’s actually trending out there.

What was your favorite part of producing ‘Holy Drums’?

My favorite element is the second part of the drop, I mixed multiple types of drums to achieve the sound.

Do you prefer producing solo, or collabs?

I prefer to collab because you learn different methods to produce and different methods to also build a track – is a definite benefit to learn every day, with talented singers or Producers / DJs.

How has your continued success changed your personal & professional life?

It makes it better every day, I’m around motivated and positive people & I just keep going & aspire to make a difference.

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of this year?

I have many tracks in progress and different collaborations with big names coming up as well, I also have some R-Wan merchandise – featuring a cap & sweatshirt collection coming up as well.

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