Inspirational and Creative – An Interview with Tiggi Hawke

An insight to the life of a truly revolutionary artist!

Hailing from North London, Tiggi Hawke is a renowned straight talker who shoots from the hip and sings from the heart. Her creativity and undeniable talent has been demonstrated time and time again. Releases like Remedy, Dangerous Behaviour, NYC have earned her support across Radio 1 and Kiss. Not to mention 10 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music. Today, One EDM brings you an interview with Tiggi Hawke about her latest single “Electric Sun.”

Manav Pallan: Who are your musical inspirations?

Tiggi: There are so many amazing artists that I look up to! I love Sia’s originality and song-writing. What I wouldn’t give to write with her! Julia Michaels has the most amazing songs. Seinabo Sey is just all-round incredible, and my main-stay inspiration, Johnny Cash, is one of the most best story tellers ever (in my humble opinion)!

What are some of your favourite hobbies?

I love creating, so I often draw (badly), do photoshoots of my cat (this is not a joke) or bake cakes and cookies. I’m loving all the (safe and socially distanced) outside time I can have at the moment. I’ve been walking a LOT too, as a result. 

How did you start your musical career?

I started when I was about 15, and had been writing lyrics as an outlet; call it a means of self-therapy, I guess. I met some amazing people who helped me start writing music using my lyrics and I was sold! To be honest, I never actually considered that music could be my full-time job, but I’ve never been happier to be wrong, and those amazing people who I met when I was 15 are still my mentors now! 

Your summer plans were cancelled due to COVID-19. What do you have planned instead?

Yeah, thanks COVID. I was so excited for this summer. I had some amazing gigs and festivals that I’ve dreamt of doing and of course that’s all cancelled until next year (hopefully)! I’ve never been more grateful for technology, though. I can still connect with fans online even though it’s not quite the same as being at a gig. It’s better than nothing! I’m going to try and take advantage of the cancellations though and take a break for myself too so I can hit the ground running when we’re back! 

What do you think about “For what it’s worth” passing 1 million views on YouTube?

I think it’s insane! I actually did the after effects myself and it took so long, that I almost gave up. I’d be lying if I said there were no tears involved, but seeing the response has made it worth it! I’m genuinely blown away by it. It’s been a goal of mine to have a video reach 1M and it feels a bit unreal actually! 

You’re stuck on an island with three celebrities, who are you picking and why?

This is a tough one! OK, so definitely Jameela Jamil. Can you imagine the how amazing the conversations would be?! Toya Turner did a SICK job fighting people in Warrior Nun and she’s completely badass so she’s definitely in. I also think we’d need someone who’s actually good at cooking. I feel like Gordon Ramsay would deal with being on an island pretty well (but he also might be appalled if I try and cook). As a matter of fact, I think he’d be my last, but by no means, least choice! 

How was it like with the success of Electric Sun?

It’s been unreal, I’m so happy that people have been connecting to the song and are enjoying it. That’s the reason I love writing music! It’s a moment for me to stop and be grateful for everyone’s support and look at how far I’ve come in the last year. Don’t get me wrong, there’s so much further to go, but this part of the journey has been amazing for me.

What’s your favourite achievement during your musical career?

I played a show last year in Switzerland that was just so surreal it has to be one of my mega highlights. It was the biggest stage I’d played at the time and I was VERY nervous (pretty sure my hands were shaking), but the second we started it was just a dream. I had my band with me, amazing dancers with me and I cannot tell you everything I felt during the show, it was a mix of incredible-ness! There was a moment when I went off stage with 2 dancers and had an excited little scream moment, but completely forgot my mic was on so hopefully not too many people heard that! 

What TV shows/movies are you obsessed with right now?

Every time I feel like I’ve almost done a full run of Netflix, they keep releasing new things! I loved ‘Devs’ (I think that one’s on BBC iPlayer actually), it’s a bit unusual but really captivating and mind-blowing. On a less serious note, ‘Warrior Nuns’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix are awesome. Also, the movie ’21 Bridges’ was insane! 

What are your ambitions for the future?

Obviously things are a bit messed up right now with COVID, so my plans have changed for this year, definitely. In general, I want to keep releasing more and more music while doing as many gigs as possible! I’m learning to take more care of myself as well, though. Rest days are not a terrible thing, and actually help me be more creative.

Stream Tiggi Hawke’s “Electric Sun” here:

A special thank you to Tiggi Hawke and her team for making this possible.

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