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Asaf Borger is better known as Borgore or daddy. Borgore, who was born in Tel Aviv and mandated into the Israeli army at the age of 18, is more than just your average DJ. Starting as a teenager in death metal bands and currently producing his own jazz album, yes you heard that correctly, Borgore and jazz. OneEDM had the pleasure of sitting down with the man himself right before his set at Buku Music + Art Project this past weekend. We learned a little more about Borgore than what you see on the outside, and hear in his music. Some say he is a misogynist with songs such as “Syrup”, “Nympho”, among others, but really Borgore loves to play PC games and snuggle with cute puppies in his free time.

OneEDM: It smells musty in this dressing room.

Borgore: *Looks around* Well it’s not me or you.

*all laugh*

OneEDM: So let’s begin, have you been around to adventure, have you seen the city, ate some food?

Borgore: Oh yeah, of course. Not specifically on this round, (Borgore’s phone receiving text messages) sorry.

OneEDM: We saw you here last night during Snails set. What time did you get in yesterday?

Borgore: Got here around 7:00 p.m. We actually came here and did the parade today.

OneEDM: Yeah, we missed it, we tried to come, but it was a disaster at Waffle House. How was it?

Borgore: Fun, until the police stopped us.

OneEDM: What were you guys doing, riding on floats?

Borgore: No, but the thing is as long as we weren’t on the street, stopping the traffic, messing with the city. We finally made it into the festival, went on festival grounds is when they stopped us.

OneEDM: What are your pre-show rituals?

Borgore: I guess like a shot of something to chill.

OneEDM: What would be your shot of choice?

Borgore: It really depends what mood I’m in. Usually, I’m more of a tequila or whiskey person. Just because I’m trying to not drink soft drinks. If I’m going for the mixers, it’s always vodka or gin. It depends on what you’re going for if it’s straight on the rocks or… I see that we have whiskey so, I guess whiskey.

OneEDM: I see you went from the Israeli army to DJ, what’s the background story?

Borgore: You gotta go to the army, you have no choice. If you don’t go to the army, you go to jail. Even for girls, I think my sister contributed more to the country than I did in the army.

OneEDM: They make the women do the same?

Borgore: They do two years, men do three years.

OneEDM: Did you actually see combat?

Borgore: I was on the lines, I was in the infantry. I was not fighting, I did get bombed. I’ve been under terror attacks, several. It sucks.

OneEDM: Well look at you know. It makes you humble; you’ve definitely seen more than most people doing this job.

Borgore: You know, this is the struggle that I had to go through, but people go through different struggles. You know, I’m sure growing up in a bad neighborhood in the states is difficult, if not more difficult. I had a couple of nights playing submarine with my life, but some people have to work through that for their whole life. It’s all in proportion, everyone has to go through something. Even rich people deal with depression or whatever.

OneEDM: That’s the thing, you don’t know unless you talk to someone. They can look like they have the perfect life on the outside.

Borgore: Like Instagram, everyone’s pushing for showing that life is great. And it’s not.

OneEDM: It’s true, especially nowadays. I could never picture having a child in the world that we live in now.

Borgore: I just struggle with everything about a kid, because I don’t think I’m ready to be a father.

OneEDM: But, you’re daddy, come on now.

Borgore: Look, I forgot my pants at home, I have a huge festival and I came with sweatpants and that’s it. I forgot my wristband in the hotel.

OneEDM: *Laughing* Yeah, how can you take care of a kid if you can’t remember pants?

Borgore: There’s like four people on my team making sure that everything is okay.
Borgore and Kristina at BUKU Music + Art Project 2018.

OneEDM: Is it because of all the stress? Do you have a lot on your mind or a lot on your plate?

Borgore: I’m just focused on the super necessary unnecessary thing, which is making music. That’s all I care about really. I need people to tell me, oh you have to go here, go there. I just work on music and play video games.

OneEDM: So, what’s your favorite video game console?

Borgore: Fuck consoles, PC gaming all the way. I started way too early. Counter Strike used to be my favorite game for almost 15 years. Now they came out with Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

OneEDM: When I used to play video games it was that original Playstation, that big grey box with like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and stuff.

Borgore: Crash Bandicoot was lit, Spyro I never tried. I liked Tekken.

OneEDM: Yes! Angel and Devil I think were the two of my favorite ones.

Borgore: Oh my God I forgot about them, they were sick!

OneEDM: Since with the army thing you were pushed to do that and then went to DJing, where did that co-mingle?

Borgore: I studied music my whole life since I was three years old. Music schools, studying jazz. I started messing around with other genres, I was in ska bands, metal bands, anything, punk.

OneEDM: Do you like DJing, or is this just what you do as a job, do you really enjoy this music?

Borgore: I love this music, DJing is like, I just don’t like to be called a DJ, or considered a DJ. I don’t want to be in the same bracket as DJs, I feel like I am a musician, I write music. I wrote a jazz album that I am trying to put out and I am dying to go play live. I play the piano in that album, although saxophone is my main instrument. I like DJing, it’s fun to see people having a really good time. I never DJ at home, I play piano every day. It’s more interesting to me to write music than that. Being a DJ for a lot of people is like, back in the day people wanted to play guitar. Now people want to be a DJ just because they want to be on stage like look at me, I’m the center. For me, I’m standing next to a table moving some plastics. For me, it’s way more interesting to sit in the studio trying to figure out how this kid who just started producing came out with this insane sound.

OneEDM: Last week we saw Big Gigantic, they have a saxophone and a whole band, to me that is real raw talent.

Borgore: Don’t get me wrong, there are some DJs who do some stuff on the decks that is incredible.

OneEDM: My final question I always like to ask is; Tupac or Biggie?

Borgore: I know that Lil Xan just got in trouble for saying he doesn’t care for Tupac. I got to be honest, I did not grow up here, it’s not part of my culture. Listening to their music, to me is not mind-blowing. There are some Tupac songs I like, there’s some Biggie songs I like. I’m more interested in other stuff.

A big thanks to Borgore and his team for the time. In addition, Borgore drops his 5th installment of collaborative series with Axel Boy called Jimmy’s Rage. Additionally, you can find all installments HERE!

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