OneEDM interviews Alluxe at Electric Forest

Electronic music producer Alluxe, also known as Laura Alluxe Escudé, is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music performance. Her huge sound and fashion-forward look are complemented by her alluring stage presence complete with custom LED controllers, vocals, and violin. In addition to creating live music, she also designs live shows.

OneEDM sat down with Alluxe before her set at Electric Forest. Check out the full interview below.


OneEDM: What do you think of Electric Forest so far? How does it compare to other events you have played at?

Alluxe: Electric Forest is a dream. I have only been here about an hour and it’s immediately my favorite festival.  I think it’s so diverse. The talent is diverse, the environment is diverse. Especially the surroundings. It being in a forest it cools it down a little bit.  I just love all of the talent. The food has been amazing. I am just stoked for my set tomorrow. It is going to be an incredible time.

OneEDM: You design live shows, and make music as well. Which came first and how did you get started? What lead from one to the other?

I started out playing the violin and progressed into making electronic music and learning how to produce when I was in college. That progressed into designing live shows for artists and doing my own art and my artist project as Alluxe.  It snowballed and kept growing and growing and now here we are.

OneEDM: What has been your favorite venue so far?

Alluxe: My favorite venue was the Louis Vuitton museum in Paris. It was just incredible to be able to perform there and to experience that environment. It’s just an incredible place that is so sophisticated. A place you wouldn’t imagine a performance being at normally and it was just natural.

OneEDM: What would be a dream venue for the future?

Alluxe: One of my dream venues would be the Sydney Concert Hall. I just love the architecture there. I’ve been there and every time I visit Australia I have such an amazing time there. The vibes and people there are incredible.

OneEDM: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Alluxe: My biggest musical inspiration would probably be Aphex Twin. He has been an inspiration of mine for a long time. His diversity of production and musicality and his combination of weird yet accessible. It just really does it for me and he is a huge inspiration.

OneEDM: How do you go about making new music? What is your creative process? Production design?

Alluxe: It just depends on myself, the vibe that I am in, who I am working with, the direction they want to go. It’s a collaborative process.  We usually start out with taking music that is on the record or the album and learning how to translate it to the stage, taking that and adding new elements. Figuring out how to make it improvisational. What kind of controllers to use.

OneEDM: What is your favorite controller to use?

Alluxe: My favorite controller is Livid Instruments OHM64 RGB. Just a powerhouse. I’ve been using it for a long time. It just does everything I need it to do and it looks beautiful and the company is amazing.

OneEDM: What would you say have been your biggest accomplishments so far?

Alluxe: Probably biggest accomplishments are working with some amazing artists like Kanye West, The Weekend, Jay-Z, Herbie Hancock. Just being able to help elevate their live shows. As far as my own stuff is concerned, this is one of my biggest accomplishments. Being here at Electric Forest is such a dream for me, being able to perform my own music live. Just to be able to inspire people and do presentations and share my knowledge all over the world is such a gift and I definitely don’t take it for granted.

OneEDM: What is one tip you would have for somebody who wants to break into the music industry?

Alluxe: One tip I have is to be yourself. Try to create music that you like that makes sense to you that is a combination of your interests. Don’t set out to make a certain genre or to copy another artist, because it’s not going to sound like you. The more you just let it flow out and just let it come from your heart, the more it is going to connect with people and be authentic to you. So I definitely just recommend to just be yourself, as cliche as it shoulds. It is important to remember that, especially when you are starting out.

OneEDM: You mentioned that the violin was one of your first instruments. Why did you pick the violin?

Alluxe: I just gravitated toward the violin when I was a kid. I don’t know why. I just saw a girl playing it and she looked so cool and it sounded awesome. So I said, “Mom I want to play the violin,” and I stuck with it. It became my passion. I went to music school and discovered the world of electronic music through playing the violin.  It’s definitely my first love, and always do it.

OneEDM: If you weren’t producing music, what would you be doing?

Alluxe: That is a really tough question. Probably I would be a life coach if I wasn’t producing music. I feel like I have some years of experience under my belt as far as working in different industries. Working with thought patterns, and limiting beliefs. I like to help inspire people to challenge their own thoughts and thought processes and to move forward and to reach the next level in their progression.

OneEDM: You previously worked for Ableton. How did you get that job? What do you think of the company? What was it like working for them?

Alluxe: I worked for Ableton 10 years ago, right when they were just starting to do their own distribution in the United States. They are an amazing company and through working for them it helped my career develop. At the time they were much smaller, and not a lot of people knew who they were in the United States, and I really got to wave the flag for them. I got to go around and do demos and expose people to the software before it was a huge thing in the United States. It was a great opportunity and a great moment.

I got into it because  I was doing tech support at M audio, which was distributing Ableton at the time.  When Ableton decided they wanted to do their own distribution in the United States, they took me with them. I became their first certified trainer. From there I started working with different artists on their live shows and develop my company and artistry even further. We’re still great collaborators and friends. They’re such a good company.

OneEDM: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?

Alluxe: I am getting into doing a lot more experiential stuff. I have a retreat called Transmute coming up in December in Florida. It is for artists to come work on their live shows. It is a health and wellness retreat for a week. You’ll spend time with me and other people on my team and it will help to level up live shows.

I had the first event last year. It was really amazing and well received and the vibe was good. People were just transformed and I just loved putting together those types of transformative experiences which involve learning and education but also taking care of yourself, self-care, health and wellness, well being, support. I feel like the communities and the cultures that I have created through the retreat and some other events that I have been doing throughout the year are just helping to strengthen the community and to build and just promote this feeling of well being amongst us. I think it is very necessary. It is necessary to feel supported. It is necessary to speak about mental health and just to know that there are people out there who can help and that care.

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