One EDM Exclusive Interview With The Phlegmatic Dogs

One EDM was lucky enough to interview the Russian bass music duo, The Phlegmatic Dogs. Chatting over there Russian Style North American tour, their latest EP, visiting America, and favorite artists.

The Phlegmatic Dogs are some of AC Slater’s best artists. Coming from Slaters label Night Bass. The dogs can be found at major festivals around the world and at Night Bass hosted events.

Earlier this summer, Phlegmatic Dogs and Volac released Russian Style, a compilation EP. Released through Night Bass records that include both original tracks and remixes. Phlegmatic Dogs put their spin on Volac’s track “Russian Style,” while Volac remixes the Dogs’ “Cuatrocats”. The original tracks include “Bastard” and “Tell You,” with each respectively showing off the dark, bass-filled style that they’re both known for.

The Russian Style North America Tour kicked off in August and included a stop at Electric Zoo along with club nights at cities like Montreal, Las Vegas, and Toronto. The tour also has several shows around the country throughout October and November before finishing in Phoenix on December 1.

One EDM: For my first question, I gotta ask what does a sound design session looks like and how does it go about? That’s my first question while listening because none of these sounds are ordinary at all. Even the vocals are unorthodox and I love it.  

Phlegmatic Dogs: Thank you so much for your feedback! You know this is a long painful process. Never know how long it will take. It is a creative work and the only one thing that can help you is inspiration from out of something. 

The collaboration between the Phlegmatic dogs and Volac almost seems meant to be, do you guys agree with this? The styles between the two complement one another in a very radical way. Will there be any other projects being cooked up by the two in the future?  

This collaboration was a good experience for us. We are different. Our sound is different too. It was interesting to merge our stuff and skills in this EP. Have no plans for the future ways of collaboration right now but times will tell us everything! 

Let’s talk about the tour, a ton of events are being played. What have been some memorable moments the group has had, maybe on stage, behind the scenes as a group, any interesting traveling stories?

It is is not so simple to get a tour so far away from the homeland. You got to move every day: flights, trains, traveling by car. Sometimes there is no time to sleep. But if we have some days off and we can spend them as we like, we prefer to get off the hotels and explore new places. Lots of stories during these days. You just need to follow our Instagram. 

Is there a music festival or event in particular that the group enjoyed like no other? 

Never knows what shows will be the best. It might be a small town with a small night club but with a crazy people inside. Just trying to feel all of our gigs on tour! 

What event where you guys most hyped about? I personally will be seeing you guys at Freaky Deaky here in Texas and I am stoked! Yall excited about that one? It is going to be so much fun. 

We are always waiting for Texas with a big pleasure. First of all, it is a special state with a special history and people. The other reason is very hospitable people. And of cause we really want to feel the vibe of the big music festival here! We are very excited! 

 I also read that the Phlegmatic Dogs are heavily inspired by 90s rap and old rave culture. What are some favorites that come to mind when thinking of these two musical genres?

Mobb Deep, Nas, Chemical Brothers, Junkie XL

 You guys are also traveling a ton, of course, but what have been some destinations that really took the group’s breath away? Anywhere yall would like to return to again, maybe for a vacation? 

Provided by Phlegmatic Dogs

Lots of great places in our tour. The first things that comes to mind are San Juan Island in Washington, Deserts and Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Pacific Ocean and Lake Bear in California, Niagara Falls in Canada and many many more! 

Phlegmatic Dogs and Volac are both highly original and unique names, what’s the story behind the names? 

Just a random choice and big love for dogs.

The Phlegmatic Dogs are quoted saying “Never Stop Exploring.” Is there anywhere the group has not been that you guys wish you could go right now?

Kamchatka, Alaska, Iceland, Japan, Chile

When did the Phlegmatic dogs come together? About when did you guys start taking music seriously and when did the two of you realize that you guys are really on to something? 

We meet each other 8-9 years ago. First 5 years we were doing music just for fun to have some feedback from the big names. One day it became more than just a hobby.

Are there any hobbies the two of you are fond of? When you guys are not performing or making music where can we find the dogs? 

The main hobby of Slava is to learn any new information and facts on YouTube space. In Demyan’s arsenal everything is simple – all the free time he kicks and run for a ball like a dog.

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