Plastik Funk – Taking Music Production to Another Level

Plastik Funk is a renegade within modern EDM - here's his interview One EDM conducted with him

Spanish-born, Germany-based producer Plastik Funk has caused a whirlwind on the EDM scene. His fresh approach to his music and events is something to admire. With a certain touch of class to his music, his tracks have topped charts worldwide, making him a global phenomenon.

Manav Pallan: What was it like releasing your new track “Shady” On Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s label?

Plastik Funk: Dimitri and Mike have created an amazing label and event brand which is known and respected worldwide. It’s always a pleasure to release music with the professional team from Belgium!

How was it like working with Spanish producer MRZIN on the production of your latest track?

Our friend and partner Wilson brought us together. We started sending some beats around and the track was ready in no time, I wanted to do something more progressive, bassy, something for the club. A bit different to what I do normally, but that’s possible with collabs.

What emotions do you want people to feel when they listen to “Shady”?

My friends told me when they listened to the track for the first time that it gives them so much energy and they want to go out partying right away!

What was it like performing at the BigCityBeats: World Club Dome drive-in event in Düsseldorf earlier this year in April?

This was something special that I will never forget. It was the first drive-in party all over the world after the lockdown in Europe and it was my first show in two months – I was happy like a little boy! The people were smiling and partying in their cars, it was just amazing!

Did you have any fun memories from that event?

I will never forget it, it was such an amazing idea to be able to have a party during the COVID restrictions. Sure it was special to DJ in front of cars but the thing I will never forget is how great it was to see my fans partying to my music. To feel how much I appreciated to be able to play music in front of an audience and bring everyone some joy and sense of normality.

Do you prefer the atmosphere of a drive-in concert as much as a large-scale festival?

No, it’s a way to have a party during these strange times – but I’m missing the real parties a lot.

You also performed at another drive-in event in Monheim, Germany. How was that?

Actually, I have now performed at more than ten car festivals between April and June. Every event was special because it was always new and happy faces . And at the latest events, people were allowed party beside their car which made the events even better.

What is next for you in terms of collaborations and projects?

I finished a lot of music lately, I think more than 12 tracks. I’m releasing a solo release on one of my favourite music labels, Hexagon, at the end of August. I also have a radio track on Disco Wax coming out in September. After that, I will release more solo tracks, but also more collabs. I’m releasing more music in 2020 than I ever have in one year.  

Personally, how have you coped with the last few months during this chaotic period in world history?

It’s been a tough time for the whole world, and from my perspective as a music producer and DJ, it’s the worst situation ever. I’ve found it hard not being able to perform, not being able to make money and lose a lot through the hundreds of show cancellations. It’s not easy but it’s time to learn to stay positive and appreciate little things, small shows, music. We are living in a hectic world and as a touring DJ you are non-stop on the road, sor there is more time to think. There is even more time to catch moments in your life that you maybe couldn’t do before.

But I really do hope this is over soon and we and celebrate life, we can return to touring and see my fans from all over the world. Please everyone, stay healthy, watch out for each other and let’s fight this virus together.

Stream Plastik Funk’s latest track “Shady” here:

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