One EDM Exclusive Interview with PLS&TY at The Warfield

PLS&TY at The Warfield on November 9th

PLS&TY, born as Tommy Leas in Palm Beach, Florida, is becoming a distinguished star in the Future Bass scene. Currently based in Los Angeles, PLS&TY (pronounced as “please and thank you”), has over 30 million streams on Soundcloud. PLS&TY’s tracks, “Good Vibes”, “Motives”, and “Rebel Love” have reached #1 on the iTunes charts. PLS&TY’s music has been featured on prominent record labels such as Dim Mak, Sony Music Entertainment, and Island Records. OneEDM caught up with PLS&TY on November 9th before his set at San Francisco’s The Warfield, where he opened up for Elephante.

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Kenny Ngo: How did your music producing career began?

PLS&TY: I actually began playing the piano as a young kid. I was classically trained playing the piano. Basically, I grew up playing an instrument and throughout high school, I got more and more into electronic music. Just listening to it from a fan’s perspective. I also picked up a camera and started shooting nationally-touring DJs that passed through my hometown on tour.

I would always film or photograph them when they come through and really, that’s what kinda introduced me to the electronic dance music scene as a wider whole. Also, having the background in playing an instrument and being around all these artists, I’d figured I know how to play the piano and this is what I love so why not give this a go. I’d just download the software and never looked back.

When you started your career, did you imagine that you’d see your music be featured on labels such as Dim Mak, Sony Music Entertainment, and Island Records?

No. That’s the dream I guess as a young producer is having these major label releases and being on the road touring. I guess those are like two of my main goals from when I started. Who would’ve ever thought, I’m super blessed and thankful!

How does it feel knowing that you have been #1 10 times on the Hype Machine charts in one year?

It’s crazy! I guess all the Hype Machine success was really kind of a good foundation. A lot of those were my old remixes so that was a good foundation that went into the original music. It’s an amazing success!

Speaking of chart-toppers, how do you feel knowing that your singles, “Good Vibes”, “Rebel Love”, and “Motives” had been ranked #1 on the iTunes US Electronic chart, as well as #1 on the Top 25 Billboard Electronic chart for “Motives”?

So yeah, it’s a crazy success! It’s kinda cool to see from that standpoint. A lot of the Hype Machine success, as I said, were from my old remixes. Just to see the original music translate into a different way on iTunes and other official platforms, charting-wise, is amazing. I mean, the positive feedback from fans and everyone who have been buying and streaming the songs, that’s all I can ask for.

How was it like producing “Summer’s Young” with Dia Frampton?

That’s my new single that came out yesterday. Dia is just an amazing vocalist, she’s been featured on Illenium’s tracks and Kaskade’s. Yeah, she did a wide array of features and I’ve been such a huge fan of her voice, she has such a beautiful voice. It came together and I’m really happy with the product. I hope you guys enjoy it and go stream it now!

Speaking of tracks, you recently released a two-track EP called Run Wild/Feeling Forever, which also includes an 8-minute music video as it talks about themes of love, connection, & isolation in a world of technology. What were your feelings like producing the EP and also about the music video in general?

“Run Wild” was originally released as a free download in 2017 on Soundcloud. After the amazing responses and awesome feedback from fans, we decided to officially release it everywhere else aside from Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc., and packaged it with a new single called, “Feeling Forever”. I wrote that as a sequel to “Run Wild” and these two paired together perfectly and that came out in May. We also did an 8-minute long short film for the EP. It is like a Part 1/Part 2 piece and it’s one storyline that extends over both tracks.

It was an amazing project and like you said, it talks about themes of love, kinda like a virtual reality simulation. The project has very complex topics but we partnered with an amazing director, Sean Cartwright out of Toronto, Canada. I’m really proud of the results and it has been nominated at a ton of international film festivals, I’m just thrilled with how it came out.

What was your favorite memory in producing the music video for Run Wild/Feeling Forever?

I think just being on set was a pleasure, really. Being able to connect with everyone involved and seeing all these people there, you know, just trying to make the best product possible. It’s really like the best part about it, everyone is there working towards the end goal, again, just making an amazing product that will live on for however many years to come, if not forever.

What are your thoughts on the remixes for Run Wild and Feeling Forever?

We released a remix pack from some amazing artists like LUCA LUSH, Bondax, YehMe2, Manic Focus, DUCKY. Yeah, it’s just some incredible remixer names, all of whom I’ve been a fan of for quite some time. I’m just being inspired by their music and believing in them to rework the track in a proper way. It’s amazing to see their touch on the two songs, I’m thrilled with all the remixers.

Are you excited to perform at the SnowGlobe Music Festival?

Yeah! SnowGlobe coming up at the end of this year for New Year’s. I’m very excited because it’s my first time at Lake Tahoe and it’s my first time performing at a winter festival. I’ve only seen photos and videos of it but yeah, I’m thrilled to go and perform.

Which cities outside the U.S. would you like to perform at in the future?

I don’t know the probability of this happening but Ibiza is my favorite place in the world. I’ve gone there before just for vacation and it’s the best. Performing there would be amazing. Also, more of Europe I’d say, I was in Amsterdam for ADE and it was just a blast. Basically, all throughout Europe would just be a pleasure, especially Ibiza for sure.


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