Pontifexx: One EDM Exclusive Interview

Get to know Pontifexx

Welcome to One EDM, Pontifexx! How are things goingfor you right now?

Everything is going well, thanks for having me! 

Great vibes on your new track with Dead-Line. How long was ‘The Light’ in planning / production process?

The track is part of an EP we are releasing in 12th July and the single ‘The Light’ was the beginning – how it all started. I’ve been working on all of the tracks for the past two months. 

Is this the first time you’ve collaborated with Dead-Line?


As you’re both from Brazil, did you get to spend an extended period of time together in the studio?

DJ and producer, Pontifexx

What’s the music scene like in your homeland, right now?

We did. Both of us actually live in the same city, so that helped a lot. For the most part of the process, we were able to be in the studio together. 

The scene is growing a lot. Brazil is a huge country with somany different places, people and talented producers. I’ve been touring for the past 2 years and still have a lot to learn.

In your career to date, what’s been a standout moment for you?

I can definitely say that performing on Lollapalooza Brazil this year, was the best moment of my career so far.

Describe your signature sound to us, in three words?

Tasty, melodic, groovy.

If you could offer a note of advice to other aspiring artists – what would that be & why?

Let the creativity be your guide. Work hard – because in the end, it’s all about music and only music. The internet can teach you a lot too. I’ve learned so many things from YouTube videos, it has literally everything in there. Also, doing collabs and getting together with other good producers has always been the main way of learning for me. 

Finally, what’s next for Pontifexx across the remainder of 2019?

Releasing the EP, been working hard in past days to finish the other 3 tracks of The Light EP, so I’m really looking forward to sharing all the energy that we’ve been experiencing in the studio. Can’t wait to show you all! 🙂

Check out ‘The Light’ below!

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